Where did everyone’s Self-Respect Go?

I have been wondering something for a while now. I keep running into this problem everywhere I turn. I notice it in my friends, in their relationships, in acquaintances, in people I pass by, and even in myself. It’s a lack of self-respect.

Where did it go?

I think it slowly died. Over time people can have their self-respect eroded when they are in destructive relationships. When you are around someone who puts you down, or says that you aren’t pretty, or says that you are inadequate, you must do something about it. \

Stand up for yourself.

If you do not stand up for yourself and instead you just accept what is being hurled at you, you will allow those things to define you. If you hang around people that tell you that you are not pretty, how will you ever feel pretty? This is not to say that someone who tells you that you are pretty when you are not is going to make you pretty, but surely when people put you down, if you let them do this to you it will bring you down.

Stand up for yourself.

Do not let people hurt you or take advantage of you. This is much easier said than done, but the moment you start respecting yourself and letting people know that they cannot treat you like shit, at that moment your life will be one thousand times better.

Surround yourself with people that want to build you up instead of destroy you or keep you down. Be prepared to say no and to walk away from any relationship. Real relationships require effort and are maintained through good-natured interactions, not malicious or mean-spirited ones.

I know what it is like to lose respect for yourself. It is not fun. And once that has happened it branches out into the other aspects of your life and brings everything down. Because, remember you do not need to live with anyone else, but you are stuck living with yourself. You might as well learn how to treat yourself right. And the good thing about this is that once you treat yourself with respect you will feel better. Other people will notice it too and not take you for granted. When they know that you could walk away from a relationship with them at anytime, then they will treat you with better respect.

Never let yourself be taken for granted, and stand up for yourself. Never let yourself slip, lose your self-respect, and then wonder,

“Where did it go?”



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