Spanish Lessons


As you may have already read before on my blog, I have been taking Chinese lessons two to three times each week. I meet my Chinese teacher Cindy often at the Mall and then the two of us walk around talking about things in Chinese. My goal in these lessons is to become fluent by the end of the year. After that my next goal was to learn Spanish and then be able to speak the common languages around me where I live in Los Angeles. Further, learning languages is a great asset and can only benefit you as a person and especially as a professional.

From my lessons I have found that the real secret to learning a language is to break free from thinking in your native language. It’s not just about speaking in a different language, it is about thinking in a different language. I decided that I might as well try and learn Spanish now on the off days between my Chinese lessons so that I could keep my brain in the habit of thinking in non-English speaking languages.

Just like I called my close friend Ryan who is a fluent Mandarin speaker for a referral for a teacher, I called my good friend Josh who speaks fluent Spanish. I asked him if he would be interested in meeting up with me and teaching me conversational Spanish. I told him that we would get to hang out together, and that I would get to learn a valuable skill and every lesson he would walk away with some more cash in his pockets. And also that we could talk shit about all of our friends in front of them! Josh responded with a classic Josh emphatic yes.

I start my first Spanish lesson on Tuesday and I am very excited. 2018 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year so far and I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish by its end. Learning multiple languages and being able to speak them conversationally has always been something I have sought to achieve. I will be beyond proud of myself when I have achieved this goal, so cheers to beginning to be trilingual!




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