Chinese Lessons

It has been about two months now, and I am still going strong on the Chinese Lessons. They are actually going pretty well if I do say so myself. And I do. They are going well.

When I first started it was a little rough. Sure, I knew some Chinese so I was not starting from ground zero, but my conversational skills were non-existent. My Chinese knowledge base was basic vocabulary, hello and goodbye. The conversations were very limited then, but now that I have been at it with Cindy for a good amount of time my Chinese is really coming along.

Today we went to a Chinese Supermarket and asked around to buy items in Chinese. Ironically most of the employees at the market did not know Chinese, but the ones that did were extremely excited to see that I was learning it. This was a big step for me because until now I had only been speaking to Cindy and this is a small crutch as she knows me now so she can tell what I am trying to say even if I do not say it correctly. However, these new people have no idea who I am so they had no idea what I was saying when I butchered my Chinese!

At first I was stumbling, but as we kept at it I started to improve. And further, it was rewarding seeing others become excited with my Chinese and knowing that they were in fact understanding me.

It may be coming slowly, but I am learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese and it feels great to know that I am making progress and that if I continue with it I will fluent eventually.

I am eager to get there, but for now I am going out drinking!


Wan Shang Jian! (Goodnight)

-NuoLong (Nolan)

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