Peacocking is IN

Today I was hanging out with Tony when our mutual friend Frasier came over. He needed to borrow Tony’s SUV to pick up a squat rack that he purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The three of us then loaded up in the Denali and headed over to the mall where Dick’s is located.

After we bought and loaded the rack into the car we then decided to go around and shop around. Tony has recently been interested in upping his fashion and wanted to go shop at Zara. We all enter the store and the first thing there is a mannequin wearing this Peacock-esque jacket.

When I saw it I knew I would buy it. After all, it literally is Peacocking. (Male dressing for attention)

After I bought this jacket and Tony bought a nice new shirt, the three of us walked over to Nordstrom’s.

And then it happened again. There were these ridiculous metal shades with green lenses. Again, I knew when I saw it that I would buy it.

And then I did. And it feels great.

In the past few months I really upgraded my style and it has been simply amazing. The amount of confidence I feel now regularly is like nothing I have felt before. I believe that this comes from being forced to own your presence which you present with a loud style. When you dress loud people notice, and you are forced into a certain spotlight. Your option then is feel awkward and look silly, or strut your stuff and own it.

I recommend choosing the latter. Now at first it will feel off to you. You will think you look foolish and often for straight males you may think that you look gay, but not only will pass, who cares?

The only person who truly does is you. And once you realize this you become more freed. So what if someone thinks your style is bad, who the hell are they? You are focusing on the wrong things and the wrong people. Focus on yourself and soon you will feel great and people will compliment you. And when that happens just watch you and your style flourish!

Cheers to Peacocking,


Getting Back into Wow


Over the past couple days Alex and I got back into WoW again, and it has been a while. The last time we played was about a year and a half ago when the Legion expansion was launched. And even then we barely got to play together. In fact, we have never really played World of Warcraft together. This time really marks the first time the two of us have gotten to play extensively together, which is very cool.

Alex and I both made new characters, he is leveling a blood elf rogue and I am leveling a blood elf monk. Of course my character is female, and is named “Baysic.” Get at me people. Lok Tar all day. (For the Horde)

I have actually never played monk before so this playthrough is very interesting. Other classes I have years of experience playing so it ca get repetitive but this way the game feels fresh. The first day Alex and I reached level 15, and yesterday the two of us reached level 26. So far we have done everything together so we are literally on the same experience path. This means that when he levels up I level up and etc.

This is very good because World of Warcraft is a social experience. It was never so much about the game, it was more about who you play the game with. Whenever I have friends to play with I play WoW, when I do not I end up quitting WoW. But I always come back, the game is too good. If I don’t get sucked back in and rope my friends in, one of them already does and they rope me and the rest of us in.

And I have no regrets being roped back in.

Lok Tar,


Starting to Speed Cube

It has been over a year and a half since I first learned how to do the Rubik’s Cube. Upon completion I felt amazing. It was tantamount to climbing a mountain. To this day I am still very proud of my accomplishment. But now, it is time to get better, and by better I mean faster.

To this date I have solved my cube in 1.01 minutes, twice. Heartbreak. So close, yet so far. I know I can do better though. There are a few algorithms that I am using as a crutch and are slower than learning some new ones, so it is time to learn again. Soon I will beat my time, and ideally I will do this today. We will see how good I can get my time by the end of this year, but I have plans to get it to at least under 45 seconds. And then when that happens, I will have to get better.

Life is always about improvement, and working towards some goal. To me, that is precisely what brings happiness. Finding a task, a project, something to work towards, something to improve on, and something to complete. Then when that happens, on to the next task.

Well, the blog post for today is done, time to cube now!

Keep Cubing,


Be there for your friends

Sometimes things in life happen. And they certainly don’t happen according to your plans or how you would want them to occur. But nevertheless they do, and this you must deal with them and actually accordingly.

When life happens to you, the best thing you can do is suck it up and take it in stride. But when life happens to your friends and those that are close to you, be there for them. When times are tough, friends are needed. Be that shoulder to lean on for your friends.

I cannot overstate the importance of this. Friendship can mean everything, and when things are going bad simple company goes a long way. You don’t even need to do much. Just by being there during a difficult time you provide that support to those close to you.

Life happens. Be there for your friends when it does.