It’s Bachelor Time

Tonight I am at a Bachelor Party, but not what you might think. It is a party about the Bachelor. It is just me, the lone testosterone, and a bunch of estrogen. Ironically I am a Bachelor, but not available as the party is at my girlfriends place.

Just let me get as many jokes as I can out of this lol.

Being honest, this show is growing on me. At first I was thinking that it would be lame and that it is a girl’s show (and therefore not for me because I am a man with testosterone levels of historical proportions) but I’m quickly getting drawn in.

It’s just too good. A ton of babes, one stud, travelling all around the world, catfights galore. This is televsion.

I’ve really missed out all these years. BRB the next few months, I will be busy binge watching all the past seasons.


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