Sometimes I just cannot take it

lol 1 likw.jpg

Yesterday Shaun White absolutely killed in on the Olympic Half-Pipe and won his third Gold Medal for the United States. This was a legendary accomplishment for Shaun, something that he had desperately trained for after finishing in a medal-less 4th place position at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

You would think that Americans would be excited at the huge accomplishment that Shaun achieved and for how great it made America look! How many kids and people worldwide will look up to Shaun White now?


Seriously man, twitter is talking about this. Look OK I get it. It is not proper flag etiquette. But you know who knows proper flag etiquette? Boy Scouts, Military Men, Politicians, and other people involved in public service. You know who you would probably last expect to know proper flag etiquette? Fucking snowboarders lol.

OK so Shaun made a little slip up. But that is the point it is a little slip up. It is not a big deal. I mean think about this. This has been the era of players openly taking a knee for the National Anthem, people have publicly discussed their contempt and shame for being American. What Shaun did here is clearly accidental, he is seen holding the flag and his snowboard at the same time and it drags a little bit. People on twitter and the news are acting like Shaun was burning the flag. Get a hold of yourself people.

On top of that, the people that are posting have something like 3 to 15 likes. I am so sick of this terrible journalism. There are over 350 million Americans and so when a news agency wants to write a story they find some person out there in the public who agrees with them, and you are always able to find someone that agrees when you have this many people in your pool (simple statistics),  and then they cite their twitter post and say “this is how the public feels.”

No it is not how the public feels. It is about how one random person and three of their friends feel. And honestly those likes are often fake. People casually like things on twitter all day. People even like things they don’t like. News Media for the love of God stop using some person’s twitter post with 5 likes as if that is somehow indicative of a cultural zeitgeist. Try to have some credibility. Although, the news has been at this bullshit for so long their credibility is totally shot, who knows if they can even rebuild it.

If a twitter post has thousands of likes, and preferrably over 100,000 if you really want to say the public feels a certain way, then I can get behind the citation and its evidence that people care. But when people in the news raise a stink over something that is clearly blown way out of proportion and then they quote some random dude with 4 likes as the “evidence” that this is how the public feels, I just cannot take it.

This is why I decided not to work in Politics lol. Look at the picture above. ONE LIKE. And that made a newspaper.




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