Sometimes I’m glad I’m full of shit

Today I said that I was not going to stream today, because I have been so sick. While I thought that was going to be my course of action, I found myself at my computer and feeling well enough to stream for at least an hour. So I booted up my PC and went live.

It was a short stream, and I just hung out with my chat, but I was glad that I made to a show and came online. Chat always loves that streamers put in consistent effort, and the fact that I did so on a day when I was sick I’m sure means a lot for my fans. And it means a lot to me as well! I’m glad I toughed it out a little bit and went live for a show.

It can be too easy to always make an excuse in life and say “I can’t.” And while this is often alright and no one would question you for abstaining with a perfectly good excuse, people will see it when you tough it out and they will respect you for it.

Stop looking for an excuses, and even when you have them, try not to excuse yourself. You will impress people, and will impress yourself. The more effort you put into work, the more proud of your work you will be.



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