Being Sick

A few days ago I came down with something pretty nasty. I have just felt like absolute junk. My nose is either stuffed or runny, and for a while my throat really hurt; that’s the worst. For the first couple days I slept in and I didn’t do anything, but today I decided that I needed to get up and get out.

Sometimes it can be hard to recover from being sick because while you are physically unhealthy you can start to become mentally unhealthy from not doing anything. I was feeling a little depressed not getting out of my bed so I toughed it up and I went out. I ate lunch and drank green tea at this Ramen Spot I like (ironically named Ramen Spot) and then I went and got my haircut.

The day was not too adventurous and I did not break out into a sweat at any point (as I am still sick so I am not going to exercise) but it did make me feel better to not waste away the day entirely and do a few errands. When I returned home I did my show as well for close to three hours.

All in all, I had a good a day, even though I still feel like shit. But that is how life goes. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and push through it and get some things done. Not every day is going to be great, and some days you are going to feel terrible, but you shouldn’t need the stars to align for you get motivated and to do things. Just think about it, if you can accomplish basic tasks and minor errands when you feel absolutely horrible, think about what you can do once you are feeling amazing? I cannot wait until I am over this cold, or flu, or whatever the hell it is. There are so many things I am itching to do right now.




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