Winter Olympics 2018

PyeongChang 2018 One Year to Go Ceremony

Right now the 2018 Winter Olypmics located in PyeongChang has started. I love the Winter Olympics. I don’t particularly care for the Summer Olympics. I think this is because I never was able to participate in Winter Sports as my Dad never took me skiing when I was younger. He was much older and was afraid of hurting himself so he always told me that when I was older I could take myself.

Well I am older now and I do take myself. I go snowboarding every week. Thanks Dad. Anyways I love the Winter Olympics. The ice and snow is so amazing to me. I think growing up in Southern California also has something to do with my attraction to the Winter Olympics. It just has everything that I didn’t grow up with.

While snowboarding is the one sport in the Winter Olympics that I actually engage in, I still am very interested in just about every other sport. Speed Skating, Bobsled, and Figure Skating especially! I am extremely disappointed to hear that Yulia Lipnitskaya, the Gold Medal winning Russian figure skater from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics has retired due to struggling with being famous in addition to battling Anorexia. Really heartbreaking to hear. She won the Gold Medal at just 15 years old in Sochi, and it looked like her future as an Olympian was so bright. But her health and happiness is much more important, so my best wishes to her and I respect her decision.

The one sport I am not particularly interested in watching is Curling. I just cannot get into it. I am very sorry Curling fans. I just cannot.

I’m waiting to watch Shaun White kill it on the Half Pipe and get redemption for his 2014 4th place finish at Sochi. Unfortunately Iouri Podladtchikov sustained a hard fall at the Winter X-Games and will not be competing in the 2018 Games. This will make it easier for Shaun to win the Gold as Iouri won the Gold at Sochi, but we will not get to see the grudge match between the two. Iouri is in good health, but is not fit to ride at the 2018 games.

It is very interesting to see both North and South Korea entering together as one country Korea at these games. This shows the resolve of the two countries to reunite as one, however let us pray that it is not under Kim Jong-Un. Every event like this is a great moment for South Korea to reinforce to North Korean citizens that they are being lied to by their government. I am honestly surprised that Kim Jong-Un allowed for this to happen. I frankly do not see any good it can do for him, but I am glad that it has been done. Any opportunity for South Korea to expose the lies of the North to its citizens is a precious moment. Hopefully soon the government of the North will come to an end and that the South can reunify the nation.

Cheers to the Winter Olympics, and







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