Eliminating Bad Words

I have a bad habit. It’s not drugs, it’s not alcohol, it’s bad words. And they aren’t what you are probably thinking. I’m not talking about swear words (which I honestly should cut down on as well) that I am talking about, but rather filler words.

Words such as like, um, yeah, yo, sup,  are the devil. These words ooze unprofessional-ism, unintelligence, and are far too casual for users of them to ever put off the vibe of an adult. Do successful people speak like that? I cannot imagine a Fortune 500 CEO say any of these words. Why? Because professional people speak professionally.

Many of these phrases are learned as children but they remain into adulthood if they are not corrected. Some of you reading this may not think that this important and that my statements regarding these words are too harsh. I want you to test using and not using them. See how different it is when you say “hello” versus “hey.” Or how much more powerful and intelligent you sound when you complete a full sentence without saying the word “like.”

The difference is humongous and speaking professionally will pay dividends. It may be difficult at first, as all habits are tough to break, but through effort you will be able to eliminate using these junk words.

So who is with me? Cheers to removing unintelligent words from our vocabulary.



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