Doing things alone

Recently Tony gave me a compliment that I am very proud of; and it came totally unexpectedly. About a month ago I was looking at buying a snowboard pass for myself. I contacted my closest friends, especially Tony and asked if any of them would be interested in buying a pass with me. None of them were and I found myself all alone.

I wanted to go snowboarding, but I was hoping to do it with my friends. But then I had the realization that if it was something that I really wanted to do, I needed to do it on my own. If my friends wanted to come with me that would of course have been great, but they were not interested. So I went and bought the pass on my own.

A few days ago Tony and I were hanging out and he told me how impressed he was with me that I had bought the snowboard pass on my own and that I was also continuing to go to the gym on my own. He said to me that that is the mark of an adult. Someone who wants to do things and thus goes out and does them. An adult does not wait for other people to lead them and carry their hand, nor do they need others to do things with them. They are comfortable doing things on their own, and thus I gained points with Tony.

I was very surprised at what he said, and very flattered. Thank you Tony, the compliment means a lot to me.

If you want to do things, go do them. Do not wait for other people to do them with you, or for certain things to be perfect. Just go do them and start living your life. Do not rely on others, rely on yourself. If others want to tag along that is great, the more the merrier, but do not wait up.

Doing things on your own will give you a greater sense of independence and will mature you far quicker than one might imagine. Get to it, and do things on your own. And who knows, you might make some new friends doing whatever you do that you might not have had you brought your friends with you.

Cheers to doing new things, making new friends, and growing up.



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