Finding Fulfillment

I think I have finally found my passion; I.E. that which gives me fulfillment in life. I have tried many different things in the past, but none of them ended up lasting. However, I think this one will. I believe that my passion is my love of inspiring and motivating others to pursue their own personal goals and to better themselves.

When I six years old my father wanted to put me in a public speaking course of sorts. He looked to see if Toastmasters (a popular public speaking group) had anything available in our area and if they had courses available for children. Nothing was available so my father had to search harder. Finally he came across a woman named Diane Weinberger. She was a life coach and my dad gave her a call.

When my father talked with her she told him that she did not coach children and further that almost all of her clients were Ivy League graduates who had perfect grades and were already working in companies in decent positions, yet they were destined to go nowhere as they had no social skills; I.E. exactly what is required for management and higher ranking positions.

These people were absolutely furious with their educations and further at life as they had worked so hard to get where they had gotten only to find out that they were lacking important social skills of which school completely glossed over. This is where Diane came in and helped them.

She then asked my father how old I was and he said six. She replied “HE’S SIX?!” astonished. My dad persisted that she give coaching me a try and she accepted. Now I was an incredibly cute child (what happened lol) and thus she fell for me hook, line, and sinker.

For seven years until I was thirteen years old I saw Diane every Monday afternoon and she would coach me on things such as posture, eye contact, handshakes, public speaking, values, and more. Without a doubt, these classes changed my life. Diane is the most influential teacher that I ever had. Bar none.

The only reason I stopped taking her classes was that her husband worked in aerospace and he was relocated to Seattle for work, and thus she moved with him. I am thankful for all that I learned from Diane but I always wonder where I would be if she never moved. After the classes stopped I had some of my bad habits return namely the re-emergence of the word “like” in my speech as well as general nervousness before public speaking. Over time I have made strides again at becoming much better with public speaking but I still have a lot of work to do in that aspect, and currently the usage of the word like is catastrophically bad. I aim to finally kill this word in 2018.

I hate the word like. It makes you sound completely stupid. Talk without it and you will immediately see the difference. You will go from sounding childish to sounding confident and powerful. It’s time to stop!

(saying like lol)

It’s getting very late and I will save the story of how through trial I eliminated other potentials as my passion. I will cut to the chase.

Inspiring and Motivating the people in my channel has always been the real reason I loved streaming; even if I didn’t know it consciously. I love people, and I love my friends. I want to see them grow and I want to see them succeed. The people that are part of my channel are important to me and knowing that I have inspired a few of them to better themselves gives me fulfillment.

This is what I want to do. And know that I know that, it is time to get very serious with it and learn as much as I can as well as be the best example possible. This year I will be working mercilessly on myself to achieve my personal goals so that I am accountable and I will be reading countless books so that I have more knowledge to share and content to create.

Thank you to all for all the support over the past three years. My show would have never been anything without the fans, and I would not be here today realizing what I want to do in life if it was not for the twitch show.

I’m going to get some rest, it is 1:17 in the morning. But rest assured it was worth it to stay up late writing this.



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