Day 2 of Working Out

Today was the second day that I went to work out at my gym in the early morning. It felt good to get up and eat a quick breakfast and then to head over. I have a long way to go until I am remotely close to as fit as I want to be, but it is a nice feeling knowing that I am starting to get into some sort of a morning routine. Ideally within a few weeks I will be completely used to waking up early and working out.

And not only is waking up early, eating breakfast, and working out extremely healthy for me both physically and mentally, it also is beneficial in itself as a routine. Routines are very important for human beings as they are a sort of answer to the question of life.

Why are we alive? Good question, I still have no idea and I am not sure if I ever will have the answer. Nonetheless, human beings are alive and thus we need to find things to do. If not for half-solving the question of life, at least for distracting us from thinking about it. Routines to this. They are the regular things that we do every single day. And they are very healthy. Routines also can be anything. They do not need to be extremely complex, they can be very simple such as waking up at a certain time and taking a walk. For others like me they might be waking up in the early morning hours so that I can sign autographs on the bare breasts of my legions of hot female fans, (this I have found is the answer to the question of life, I lied earlier I do in fact have the answer) but for the average person it does not have to be this.

Just get up everyday, I highly recommend in the morning too. You will feel better. And if you were like me, who slept in a lot, you will also realize how much time that you have been wasting away staying in bed and also how you do not need all that additional sleep that you thought you did.

Currently my routine is to wake up, eat breakfast, go to the gym and work out, and then come home and write a Blog Post. My other hobbies that I am pursuing are Chinese Lessons which I try to take 3 times a week, and snowboarding which I try to do once a week. Alright, time to wrap up this blog, Chinese time!

Zai Jian (Goodbye)


Why I changed my name

Today I changed my twitch name. I am no longer fb_lurker. I am now NolanTV. Many people have been asking me why I changed my name and I know they will be asking for a good while so I am writing here to answer.

Recently I have started working on a YouTube channel with my friend and editor Niki. For the last few days Niki and I have been working hard on coming up with a name for our channel. While we were discussing names he told me about how SxyHxy changed his name to just Hxy because the name gave away the unfortunate connotation that he was a sex streamer and thus he was losing views and channel support.

This got me thinking about my own name fb_lurker. Sure I think it was a creative name and a little funny, but I know that people in the past have told me that it was a creepy sounding name. And they were right to be honest. Lurkers are creepy. My name is lurker. And therefore I was creepy.

Now my loyal fans already love me, and that is awesome. Thank you everyone! But the problem with my name is not who is in my channel, but rather who is not in my channel. The idea of losing out on potential viewers and supporters of my stream because of a bad first impression based on my name is not something I am interested in. Therefore I changed my name to NolanTV to combat that.

Already the responses I have gotten have been overwhelmingly positive. I am glad so many followers are happy with the decision. I do understand that some people will be sad that the old name is gone and that others will be confused for some amount of time, but in the end I believe that this is the correct choice and that it will help the stream grow.

Thank you for all the support GOAT GANG,


Recorded my first YouTube Videos

This year I am taking streaming much more seriously. This means working smarter and not harder. Last year I did many shows where I would be on twitch all day for many hours at a time. I realized that this was not the best route to go as it was not efficient.

First, just being online streaming is not necessarily good. It is not about being online, it is about being entertaining. For the last month I streamed about eight hours a day, and at first this looks good but actually it was not optimal. Because I streamed for so many hours every day I was exhausting myself and becoming tired on stream, and thus boring: the exact opposite of entertaining. I have since decided to cut my streaming times down from two four hour shows to two three hours.

While this has now given me more energy to stream more effectively it has also given me more time in the day to do other things, such as write longer more enjoyable blog posts, have fun with friends and stay socially healthy, and finally give me time to start my YouTube channel!

Being on multiple platforms is a great way to bring more views into my twitch stream as I can tap into a similar but different audience. I also have many topics that I have talked about on twitch that are better suited for YouTube so that they could be accessible at anytime. Topics such as my opinions on video games and current events, and especially my tips on streaming.

Stream Tips are actually the first videos that I will be uploading to the channel. For YouTube I am going to start with content that I know something about and then ideally branch out into more adventurous videos.

I have two short videos that I have already recorded and hopefully will have posted in the next few days. I am making a new YouTube channel as it will be a dual project between my editor Niki (Vektor9) and myself. While the channel will be a place for my twitch highlights, and stream tips series, it also will showcase podcasts between Niki and I and other solo projects from him and I. We do not have a name yet as we are working hard at coming up with a name that both of us love.

In my experience, it is very important that when undertaking a group endeavor everyone involved must feel strongly and be on the same page. When one party or person is not interested or strongly invested in the project in any way it will manifest later as unenthusiasm and the project will be doomed. As I am already so busy with twitch streaming and my personal life I do not have the time to run a YouTube channel on my own. This is why I have not seriously ever done anything with YouTube. There are only so many hours in the day. Thus, I need Niki to be my editor for this project to work, so it is very important that both he and I are excited to do this.

So just like naming a baby, Niki and I are taking our time to name our channel. Basically we got knocked up. The baby is coming so it is going to get named soon.

Stay tuned and Keep Smiling,