Cruising VLOGs

Recently I have started doing VLOGs while I drive around Los Angeles. Often these drives are routine when I am going to and from a Chinese lesson, or when I am driving to go snowboarding, or when I am going to meet a friend somewhere in LA.

Regardless, they have been a hit! Many people have been showing up to the streams of me just hanging out driving around in my car. I put some tunes on and then I’ll talk about what I see or what I am thinking. They are very free and easy streams for me too. The whole concept is so natural. It’s almost like I am on a road trip with my friends, I honestly am, that is what chat is to me now. My extended group of friends from all over the world. Maybe some day you will all get to ride with me and do the stream together!

I am definitely going to start doing them frequently from here on out. I will try to stop by some cool places as well and showcase some of LAs fun spots to eat, or hang out at. My goal with IRL is real IRL. I’m not really that interested in doing crazy stunts or anything insanely out of the ordinary. Honestly, I think it would be cool to just be an absolutely normal dude that happens to be very popular on the internet.

I know that we can do it gang, I will see you soon!



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