Figuring out your Passion

It can be very difficult to figure out what your passion in life is. For many years in my life I struggled to figure out what it is. When I was entering high school I had just tried out drama, and that didn’t work out. I then tried out engineering in a high school program, that didn’t work either. Then I took a stab at Video Production and that went very well but I unfortunately had a falling out with my teacher and thus that ended that road.

I then went to Thomas Aquinas College where I studied philosophy and theology, but at the end of that I was not into that either. I then moved to Washington DC and pursued a Masters Degree in Foreign Policy. While I was there I discovered twitch streaming. Immediately I realized how much more fun it was than anything I had done before. And then when I heard from fans about how I inspired them to aspire for their own personal goals I felt more satisfaction than ever before.

I knew that I wanted to do this, and that I wanted to make it big.

For years I unfortunately had to set my stream back and take breaks due to work, school, or other various reasons. But eventually I was able to get it together and give full time streaming a real shot. All along this way I have realized that my passion is inspiring others. Sure I love video games, they are fun. But I do not simply play video games on my stream. My stream is about my community and my interaction with my chat. I play video games because the games are competitive and they are a manifestation of me trying to be better and to win. I want to live this, and win, and then I want my chat to do the same.

Whenever they tell me about things they want to do, or that person they want to date, or that project they want to work on, I say go for it. I don’t tell them that it will be easy, but that they should try and work to make it happen. This satisfies me more than anything. And it motivates me too, because if I am going to tell other people to take on their own challenges I need to take on mine. It’s good for my chat and myself.

This year my challenges are to get twitch partnership, speak fluent Chinese, be a proficient snowboarder, and to get very fit. I want you all to hold me accountable to these goals of mine so that I stick to them, and I hope that my progress in achieving them will inspire you all to work towards yours.

Inspiring others to live their life the way they want through showcasing my growth is my passion. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but now that I know what it is, I want to go full steam ahead with it.

Let’s get it gang.


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