Why I changed my name

Today I changed my twitch name. I am no longer fb_lurker. I am now NolanTV. Many people have been asking me why I changed my name and I know they will be asking for a good while so I am writing here to answer.

Recently I have started working on a YouTube channel with my friend and editor Niki. For the last few days Niki and I have been working hard on coming up with a name for our channel. While we were discussing names he told me about how SxyHxy changed his name to just Hxy because the name gave away the unfortunate connotation that he was a sex streamer and thus he was losing views and channel support.

This got me thinking about my own name fb_lurker. Sure I think it was a creative name and a little funny, but I know that people in the past have told me that it was a creepy sounding name. And they were right to be honest. Lurkers are creepy. My name is lurker. And therefore I was creepy.

Now my loyal fans already love me, and that is awesome. Thank you everyone! But the problem with my name is not who is in my channel, but rather who is not in my channel. The idea of losing out on potential viewers and supporters of my stream because of a bad first impression based on my name is not something I am interested in. Therefore I changed my name to NolanTV to combat that.

Already the responses I have gotten have been overwhelmingly positive. I am glad so many followers are happy with the decision. I do understand that some people will be sad that the old name is gone and that others will be confused for some amount of time, but in the end I believe that this is the correct choice and that it will help the stream grow.

Thank you for all the support GOAT GANG,


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