Recorded my first YouTube Videos

This year I am taking streaming much more seriously. This means working smarter and not harder. Last year I did many shows where I would be on twitch all day for many hours at a time. I realized that this was not the best route to go as it was not efficient.

First, just being online streaming is not necessarily good. It is not about being online, it is about being entertaining. For the last month I streamed about eight hours a day, and at first this looks good but actually it was not optimal. Because I streamed for so many hours every day I was exhausting myself and becoming tired on stream, and thus boring: the exact opposite of entertaining. I have since decided to cut my streaming times down from two four hour shows to two three hours.

While this has now given me more energy to stream more effectively it has also given me more time in the day to do other things, such as write longer more enjoyable blog posts, have fun with friends and stay socially healthy, and finally give me time to start my YouTube channel!

Being on multiple platforms is a great way to bring more views into my twitch stream as I can tap into a similar but different audience. I also have many topics that I have talked about on twitch that are better suited for YouTube so that they could be accessible at anytime. Topics such as my opinions on video games and current events, and especially my tips on streaming.

Stream Tips are actually the first videos that I will be uploading to the channel. For YouTube I am going to start with content that I know something about and then ideally branch out into more adventurous videos.

I have two short videos that I have already recorded and hopefully will have posted in the next few days. I am making a new YouTube channel as it will be a dual project between my editor Niki (Vektor9) and myself. While the channel will be a place for my twitch highlights, and stream tips series, it also will showcase podcasts between Niki and I and other solo projects from him and I. We do not have a name yet as we are working hard at coming up with a name that both of us love.

In my experience, it is very important that when undertaking a group endeavor everyone involved must feel strongly and be on the same page. When one party or person is not interested or strongly invested in the project in any way it will manifest later as unenthusiasm and the project will be doomed. As I am already so busy with twitch streaming and my personal life I do not have the time to run a YouTube channel on my own. This is why I have not seriously ever done anything with YouTube. There are only so many hours in the day. Thus, I need Niki to be my editor for this project to work, so it is very important that both he and I are excited to do this.

So just like naming a baby, Niki and I are taking our time to name our channel. Basically we got knocked up. The baby is coming so it is going to get named soon.

Stay tuned and Keep Smiling,



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