Snowboard 2k18

Right now I am on my way to Big Bear Mountain for the second time this week. I am beyond stoked. And not just because I get to go snowboarding, but because I am actually doing things and living my life.

For many years I honestly did not do much. I just stayed at home and played video games. Now these days weren’t a total waste or anything, one upside was that I never got into any trouble. But eventually I needed to get out and do something.

For a long time I wanted to go snowboarding but my Dad is much older so we never went skiing for family vacations as he was just too old for it and did not want to risk getting injured. He told me that when I got older I could go snowboarding as much as I wanted to, under the condition that my dad didn’t have to go with me.

Well now I’m doing you proud Dad! I’m going snowboarding for the second time this week and I am currently writing this blog in the car as my friend Ryan drives his wife Kacie, our friend Niki, and myself to Big Bear. When my Dad was younger he did all kinds of adventurous things. My dad owned a plane and would fly out to meet his friends, one of which was an expert downhill skier. He owned a boat and would take friends out to the lake. He would play golf and play tennis regularly, and would also attend sports games regularly. My dad lived a very fun life and I intend to do so as well.

As far as we can tell you only get one life. Get out and go live it.


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