Got a new phone

A few days ago I bought a Pixel 2. So far I am really loving it. The phone has a responsive screen unlike older androids I had in the past. It seems to me that the gap between Apple’s touch screens and other companies touch screens has no closed. I feel no difference in the movement and if there is some, in my opinion it is now negligible. One feature I really like is the fingerprint reader on the back of the phone. At first I did not think I was going to use it because I am too paranoid, but now that I got over that and that I am using it I am finding it very efficient and cool. Just reach in my pocket and tap the back while I am picking it up and it opens the phone. Love it.

The phone also has been doing a great job connecting me to the internet for IRL streams the last few days. Tony and I streamed a really fun one in the car yesterday and while we had some low quality video images at times, the stream never lost connection. This is definitely a big improvement from the last phone which was an old iphone 6 SE. That phone had a few issues to it, namely I jailbroke it once and potentially messed it up; I no longer recommend jailbreaking. I am also pretty sure that moisture got into my old phone and thus I made water resistance a must when I was shopping for a new phone.

Anyways, the major problem with my old phone was that it was slower and that live streaming through the twitch app would barely ever connect. I went to the Verizon store and tested my old phone and a new phone on the same store WIFI and my old phone was still at 240p quality while the new one was at 720p. My phone might possibly have been slowed down by apple as they did this to many older models of iphones. Who knows whether it was my mistakes or whether it was apple, or whether it was both.

Regardless, I got the new phone and I am loving it. It is taking some time to get everything updated, such as downloading my applications and updating my authenticators. By the way, if you don’t have two factor authentication enabled on your devices, get to doing that ASAP. It can really be a life saver from getting hacked.

Onto updating my phone,


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