2018 Here we come

In 2016 I attended twitchcon as a nobody. In 2017 I attended twitchcon as an affiliate. In 2018 I intend to attend twitchcon as a partner. To achieve this, I am going to be doing some new things.

First, I will be regularly posting on snapchat, twitter, instagram, and this blog. I will create an active social media presence for myself in stark contrast to how I have basically been a ghost in the past. More posts, more tweets, more photos, more me. I hope you enjoy.

Second, I will start doing constant IRL streams in which I will show you all my daily life, my friends, and the things that I like to do. I think that I could be a very successful IRL streamer on twitch, or at the very least the IRL streams will be a great compliment to the regular show.

Third, I intend to focus on self-improvement this year, even more than I have in the past. My goal is to live healthier and exercise, and stream this progress to you all. One of my favorite aspects of streaming is that I can be an inspiration to those who watch me. If my journey to get more fit inspires others in my channel to follow that is something that I know I could be very proud of.

This year it is time to get determined and to stay determined. That is the only way that I will be able to achieve my goal, as it is the only way to ever achieve any goal. I will see you soon on basically all of the social media platforms. Except facebook. I am still over facebook. And I know, I’m called fb_lurker. So what. I’m on snapchat, twitter, instagram, twitch, and I blog. I think that is enough.




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