Drinking Water

Recently my face started to break out and of course it has bothered me. No one wants to have unclear skin. It’s fucking gross. I have kept thinking for so long why does my skin get like this? Well there are a ton of reason I am sure, most likely including karma, but one thing I know for sure is that I have failed to take care of it.

I don’t nearly drink enough water. And this is a problem. I know, shocking everyone, Water is good for you. But seriously, it really is. And if you don’t drink it regularly you should start. Ever since I got this bad break in my skin I have started drinking water as much as possible, and the results are already in. My skin is looking much better and while it is not perfect it is definitely an improvement. Lots of little pimples have disappeared on my face and the bad spot is starting to look better.

I am typing this while downing a glass right now. The more water the better. I’m trying to drink at least six glasses/bottles a day. I am not sure what is the healthy amount, but I think it’s actually more than that. And the benefits of drinking water don’t end with improved skin; being hydrated is extremely beneficial to your health. You will find you have more energy and you will feel better.

Get to drinking everyone.



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