Getting Over It

Last night we were watching youtube videos on my stream together for a bit I call “Youtube Hell” in which the chat and I get lost for hours watching random things, when we stumbled on videos of streamers playing the popular game Getting Over It.

The game looked so frustrating that it immediately reminded me of my experiences playing Dark Souls. I knew that I would play this game as it was a challenge that I could not walk away from.

I instantly purchased the game while at the same time KingLorian in my channel donated me the 7.99$ to purchase it. I did not know that King had sent me the money for it as there is a small stream delay that unfortunately I cannot remove. Anyways, it shows that great minds think alike. Thank you for the 7.99$ for the game King!

Once the game installed we were off to play, and man the controls are fucking busted. It is so unbelievably painful when you start playing the game. This is because it seems that it is random and that you just swing wildly and get lucky sometimes and thus start moving up the mountain. And then when you get unlucky and fall down the mountain it hurts terribly. The rage was real.

Over time spent playing the game I realized that the controls are not so terrible. They are just hard to get a feel for and figure out. But once you do you start realizing that the game does take skill and thus that it is possible to improve and beat the game. For now I have conquered my rage and I am proud of how far up the mountain I have gotten. I reached the slide next to the cardboard boxes (for anyone that is wondering specifically how far I have gotten.)

Today I will be returning to the game during my night stream and I am planning on dedicating all four hours to playing it. My chat currently has 103$, a sub, and a Soviet flag on the line for if I beat this game so buckle up chat I am coming for that W.

The game is very fun to play because it is so hard. Easy games give no satisfaction when you beat them, however extremely frustrating games give you mountains of satisfaction when completed. Pun intended.

I am a big fan of challenging games. They force you to try and try again. The only way to beat them is out of sheer determination. Hard games foster this trait in people. If you want to beat Dark Souls or if you want to beat Getting Over It you will need to be determined.

It may drive you insane failing repeatedly on a hard boss (dragonslayer and executioner took me 8 hours) or you might fall to the bottom of the mountain again and again, but eventually if you persist you will find a way to succeed.

This is great practice for life. You are either an achiever or a quitter. This is up to you. For some of you it will be easier to achieve than for others. I look at myself often as an achiever through pure determination. There have been plenty of times in my life where I struggled with a task and where others were naturally more apt to do it than myself, but I refused to quit and thus eventually I succeeded.

I make the claim that if you are the type of person to quit you will likely quit in everything. If you are the type of person to achieve you will likely achieve in everything. This game is a test for me. It is a metaphorical mountain. Just like my stream. Everyday I am working to climb up the mountain and make my stream succeed. I will not quit, I am going to keep at it and stay determined.

So what I am telling you all is that I AM GOING TO BEAT THIS GAME.



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