Cruising VLOGs

Recently I have started doing VLOGs while I drive around Los Angeles. Often these drives are routine when I am going to and from a Chinese lesson, or when I am driving to go snowboarding, or when I am going to meet a friend somewhere in LA.

Regardless, they have been a hit! Many people have been showing up to the streams of me just hanging out driving around in my car. I put some tunes on and then I’ll talk about what I see or what I am thinking. They are very free and easy streams for me too. The whole concept is so natural. It’s almost like I am on a road trip with my friends, I honestly am, that is what chat is to me now. My extended group of friends from all over the world. Maybe some day you will all get to ride with me and do the stream together!

I am definitely going to start doing them frequently from here on out. I will try to stop by some cool places as well and showcase some of LAs fun spots to eat, or hang out at. My goal with IRL is real IRL. I’m not really that interested in doing crazy stunts or anything insanely out of the ordinary. Honestly, I think it would be cool to just be an absolutely normal dude that happens to be very popular on the internet.

I know that we can do it gang, I will see you soon!



Figuring out your Passion

It can be very difficult to figure out what your passion in life is. For many years in my life I struggled to figure out what it is. When I was entering high school I had just tried out drama, and that didn’t work out. I then tried out engineering in a high school program, that didn’t work either. Then I took a stab at Video Production and that went very well but I unfortunately had a falling out with my teacher and thus that ended that road.

I then went to Thomas Aquinas College where I studied philosophy and theology, but at the end of that I was not into that either. I then moved to Washington DC and pursued a Masters Degree in Foreign Policy. While I was there I discovered twitch streaming. Immediately I realized how much more fun it was than anything I had done before. And then when I heard from fans about how I inspired them to aspire for their own personal goals I felt more satisfaction than ever before.

I knew that I wanted to do this, and that I wanted to make it big.

For years I unfortunately had to set my stream back and take breaks due to work, school, or other various reasons. But eventually I was able to get it together and give full time streaming a real shot. All along this way I have realized that my passion is inspiring others. Sure I love video games, they are fun. But I do not simply play video games on my stream. My stream is about my community and my interaction with my chat. I play video games because the games are competitive and they are a manifestation of me trying to be better and to win. I want to live this, and win, and then I want my chat to do the same.

Whenever they tell me about things they want to do, or that person they want to date, or that project they want to work on, I say go for it. I don’t tell them that it will be easy, but that they should try and work to make it happen. This satisfies me more than anything. And it motivates me too, because if I am going to tell other people to take on their own challenges I need to take on mine. It’s good for my chat and myself.

This year my challenges are to get twitch partnership, speak fluent Chinese, be a proficient snowboarder, and to get very fit. I want you all to hold me accountable to these goals of mine so that I stick to them, and I hope that my progress in achieving them will inspire you all to work towards yours.

Inspiring others to live their life the way they want through showcasing my growth is my passion. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but now that I know what it is, I want to go full steam ahead with it.

Let’s get it gang.


My thoughts on Fortnite


Some of you may have noticed that I have recently started playing Fortnite, and I have been enjoying it. There was a time when I was very opposed to playing Fortnite as it has some RNG (random number generation) in the shooting. To me, a CSGO/Rainbow Six/PUBG player, the thought of RNG in shooting was abhorrent. This made me erroneously believe that there was no skill in this game as sometimes when you put your crosshair over an enemy and click you do not do damage. What I have found is that this only happens at long ranges. If you are close or even at medium range your shots will land almost all of the time, if not all the time.

However, the skill in Fortnite is not placed in the shooting. It is placed in the building. And this is where the games true fun lies. In fortnite players can build forts at anytime and almost anywhere. They can be built out of wood, brick, or steel, and to get the resources players use their pickaxes on the world to gather resources. This is what makes the game truly unique compared to the other Battle Royales out there namely H1Z1 King of the Kill, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Those games are essentially point and shoot, and use the terrain to your advantage. Fortnite is all about creating the terrain to your advantage. This is very different.

I have found that players of other more traditional Battle Royales have a hard time playing Fortnite because it is so different. They are used to winning games solely based on their aimskill and then when they play Fortnite they struggle. Often they blame the aim mechanics of the game and say it is the fault of the RNG. This is exactly what I used to do. These players and myself, were just whining and were being losers, or were being dumb. I say this because some players just hate the fact that they cannot be good at every game and that if they are amazing at one they feel that they should be amazing at another. Sorry, life does not work out so easily. Stop whining and just work at improving. Sometimes it is easier at times than others. Now the second reason many players are bad at fortnite is because they play the game wrong. Players go into it playing the game like it is a traditional Battle Royale and they ignore the build mechanic and thus they get destroyed and then they lose and then they whine. BUT THIS IS THEIR FAULT. THEY ARE PLAYING THE GAME ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF A DIFFERENT GAME.

Do not be this dumb. Fortnite is an entirely different game from PUBG, thus it is played differently. Players that play the game as if it is PUBG are being foolish, and then when they whine I have no sympathy for them because of how dumb they are. I feel very dumb myself because I was hating on the game for a long time for these same reasons. Now that I have started paying attention to how the game should actually be played as a Fortnite player versus as a PUBG player, I have been getting much better and consequently have been having a lot more fun. If you are the type of player that I have described above, just try to relax and look at how other people play Fortnite, try to mimic them, and then give the game a chance. I think you will have fun. And then feel silly about yourself. But most importantly, you will have fun.

The game also runs very smoothly. Much more smoothly than PUBG does. That has been a major gripe of mine with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. That game has made over 600$ million in sales and honestly it is crap. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game and it is fun, but there is something very wrong when you have a game title that has made over half a billion in sales and it does not run well on most computers? I mean what the hell is that? There is no excuse other than laziness. Over 20 million copies sold at 30$ each. That is at least 600$ million in sales. While fun, PUBG certainly does not feel like a game worth half a billion. It needs some major improvements and certainly the developers have the money.

Fortnite on the other hand works great. Ever since I first played it I noticed how smooth the game is and how well everything loads and the player moves. I am very impressed with that. Good Job Epic Games!

The game also is very fast paced and games can end quickly which is amazing for me as a streamer. It allows me to meet many new players and interact with a large potential audience that I can share my stream with. This is in stark contrast to games like League of Legends or Counter Strike Global Offensive where I have relatively long games and thus have a limited pool of people that I can share my stream with each time I play. Fortnite games go fast and there is a large turnover rate. I use this to my advantage by meeting lots of new players every day and sharing my stream with them and most importantly having fun and going for the big W.

Last night I bought my first skin in Fornite so you know I am now officially invested. I got the Red Nose Reindeer skin which features a Christmas sweater and outfit with antlers on one of the female characters. #BADBITCH I have been having a great time playing the game and I am looking forward to playing it tonight, and especially to when I get good at the game so that I can bring awesome wins to my teammates and ultimately grow my stream and make 2018 a great year.

Feel free to add me on Fortnite. My name is TwitchNolanTV

Keep hustling,


Getting Over Getting Over It


Two nights ago I did something monumental. I finally beat Getting Over It: one of the most frustrating video games ever created. The basis of the video game is that you are a man in a cauldron who attempts to climb a mountain of trash, with only a giant hammer. The game is a philosophical nod to determination and that the point of life is undecipherable (if it has meaning at all) and that enjoyment is found in the climb. And further, that the harder the climb the more enjoyable  it is.

The game is infamous for frustrating streamers and YouTubers to the point of insanity. This happens because unlike other games which have checkpoints, at almost any point in Getting Over It it is possible to fall to the beginning of the game, and thus you have “Get over it” all over again.

Now, I also should mention that the creator of the game continuously talks in your ear as you play the game, notably when you fall backwards. Bennett Foddy (the creator) always has some words for you: whether you want to hear them or not. (Trust me you don’t.)

While many people have given up on completing this game, I knew that I would not. Getting Over It was a metaphor for myself and for my stream. I am determined to make my show work and achieve my dreams. I won’t just give up easily. Once I started playing this game I knew that I was going to be in for a challenge and that it was going to be frustrating, but I knew that I must overcome it. Most things in life are not easy, in fact they can be very challenging. Thus it is good to get used to taking on challenges. If you want to achieve great things in your life, say buy a nice car, a nice house, dress well, travel, go out on fun dates, be fit, be famous, create content for the masses, you will need to work. These things do not come easily. So get used to frustration and many failed attempts, and just get over it.

And I totally did. After many many fails I beat the game and I climbed my way to the top of the mountain. I am very proud of this achievement and I encourage everyone who reads this post to suck it up and beat the game. Because the game is beatable. It is not impossible. It might feel that way, but it isn’t. And that is why I have come to really like this game. It really is a great metaphor for life. There are many things in life that may be very hard to achieve, and they truly are, but they are attainable. With hard work, and good critical thinking so that you learn from your mistakes, it is possible to attain them.

My goals in 2018 are to get twitch partnership and grow my stream, become proficient at riding my snowboard, become physically fit, and to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. So far 2018 has started off to a great start as I have made many changes to my stream such as blogging daily, created an Instagram, a snapchat, a twitter, a new YouTube with my close friend John, and have updated my streaming hours so that this year I have as much quality exposure as possible. I bought a Season Pass for snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain in Southern California and I ride at least once a week, fulfilling a life long desire of mine to go snowboarding. I have also started regularly working out my gym every morning and three times a week I study Chinese with my teacher Cindy.

2018 is going well and it is going to be a great year. And it all starts with beating Getting Over It.