Unreal Day

You never know who is watching your stream. That is rule one. That person that comes in your channel might leave right away, or they might become your biggest supporter. Today I had an experience like this. Out of nowhere a follower named welder_batch came in with a tier 2 subscription to my channel. Those happen very rarely so I was very excited. But then he didn’t stop. He then proceeded to tip 25$. And then he said “sorry that was chump change” and tipped another 75$. And then he tipped another 123$ to become the top tipper of the channel. And then he tipped another 50$ to seal his place.

All out of nowhere. He happened to be browsing twitch channels and he saw mine and decided to check it out. I am thankful he did and it absolutely made my day. And not only because of him. Multiple people in my channel came in huge with tips, subscriptions, and more. Rayuresti, newly modded (congratulations!) came win with an epic tier 3 subscription (fblurkStangasm in the chat please) and Mordler911 came in with 2500 bits as well. PuffyNinja and DiscoDuckz also tipped as well. On top of that we won 3/4 games today and all of which we came back from being in the hole.

Today was one of those unreal days on stream. Great games, great people, great stream. I live for these days. They are the magic of twitch. Shout out to everyone who was part of it. Thank you so much. I will see you all later tonight in a little under two hours at 8:00 PM Pacific.




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