Morning Streams

About a week ago I started doing regular morning streams chiefly so I would get out of bed. And it has worked! Prior to these I would sleep in for hours and just lay in my bed. Now I wake up every morning at 8:00. And now that I have done this for a week my body has adjusted. I even wake up on my own now without my alarm. And the results have been tremendous! Not only have the streams been fun and a great addition to my stream, but I feel better now that I am not oversleeping, and I am eating better now that I am again eating breakfast everyday.

Having a regular sleep schedule and eating breakfast are very important to health. I know at times it can be challenging to wake up and at its easy to sleep through breakfast (especially for Video Gamers & Streamers as they often are night owls) but it is imperative to get your life organized.

Morning streams have been a great way for me to kill two birds with one stone. Not only am I growing my channel my putting in more hours streaming and meeting new viewers, I am also living a much healthier lifestyle. If you are a streamer reading this I encourage you to think about waking up earlier. For a long time I let streaming mess with my health but now I have gotten it order. I know what it’s like where you love streaming and you just keep at it because you don’t want to stop. But I also know what it’s like where you are starving all the time because you don’t eat before you get hungry, you eat after you get terribly hungry. I also know what it’s like to completely mess up your sleep schedule because you keep streaming into the ungodly hours of the night and then you you don’t wake up until the afternoon. Shit sometimes you not only miss breakfast, you miss lunch as well. Trust me, it’s not the healthiest way to live.

Additionally it complicates your social life. Everyone else more or less has a normal 9-5 schedule, and even if as a streamer you don’t need to have one, it is best for you to accommodate yours to match that so that you can still meet up with friends and other people. The loneliness of streaming can be another blog post. But it all goes together, keep your health and social life in order. And start with the easy stuff. Wake up in the mornings regularly and eat breakfast.




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