Don’t lose it on stream

Today on stream I went too far. I went in on an old follower of mine, Huntdown. It wasn’t right and while I said how I felt, I did not need to do what I did: especially since I could have easily talked to him off stream. I am sorry for my actions Huntdown, they were not appropriate.

I talked to Huntdown after the stream and the two of us worked it out and I thank him for letting me apologize. It is very cool when a follower, especially and old time one, gives me the chance to apologize. I mean what I say when I tell my chat that I am not perfect. Today was an example of that, and I am very thankful that I was able to apologize.

If I am ever a dick again, and hopefully I won’t be one again soon, but I will be one again at some point because I am a human and thus I will never be perfect. But I hope when I am a dick again, the people I offend will give me a chance to apologize, because I do come around, and I am not above admitting that I was wrong. I hate doing people wrong, even if maybe they have wronged me, still I try to be a good person and when I fail in this aspect I take it hard.

I abused my podium as a streamer to go in on Huntdown and I apologize for that. It’s not fair to talk shit about someone when you have an audience. It’s not cool. This is something that I hope I never do again.



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