It can always get better

A few days ago I reached 100 subs. I felt amazing. This was a huge goal of mine and the fact that I had achieved it was sublime. I thought to myself how could it get any better?

And then the next day I received a host from Shroud.

Yes. That happened. And it has been crazy ever since then. So many people showed their love for my channel with their follows, subscriptions, donations, views, hosts, etc. And not just on the day of the host, but on the following day, and the day after that as well.

These last few days I have gotten just about no sleep due to the mixture of caffeine and most likely adrenaline coursing through my body so I am keeping tonight’s post rather short as I am in my bed as I type it. I am eager to fall asleep so that I can get back to streaming tomorrow at 8:30 AM faster!

Ever since that host I have been streaming even more hardcore than before. As long as I have hype in my channel it is time to push even further. The last thing I am going to do at this moment is take a break. Most streamers never get a chance like this in their lives and I am going to do my absolute best, and then some, to make this count.

I’m going to end the post tonight on the note that it can always get better. Sometimes you might be feeling down, and at other times you might be feeling up, but remember it can always get better!

Thank you to all my followers, my subscribers, and my viewers. You have been a huge source of inspiration for me to continue streaming and to keep at this and do everything I can to make it.

And most importantly, thank you Shroud for the amazing host: for the opportunity to entertain so many of your followers, many of which who have come to love my channel and support me even in the days after the host. It has been amazing.


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