100 Subs

Today 12/3/2017 we hit 100 subscribers in my channel. Hitting this mark is amazing. It is a great feeling to know that the channel is growing and that so many people are enjoying the show and are showing their support. This mark motivates me to keep on streaming and to push it further.

But honestly I just cannot wait to get heckled. Seriously. I will explain. As a small streamer it is challenging to break into the twitch scene and spread your channel. As twitch is hierarchically organized based on total viewer count, small streamers are condemned to the bottom until they become popular enough to rise to the top. But how do you get your stream out there and prevent it from being drowned in the morass of 3 viewer count streams? The answer varies, but my favorite method is to advertise in every game I enter.

This helps, but it sure does provoke the hecklers. All the time after I post my link people will say “no one wants to watch your shit stream” or something along those lines. And this is fine. This comes with the territory, it is just how it is. People react this way because so many others streamers have wasted their time on the internet by advertising their stream when they don’t actually do it or have any serious content to offer. Over time people have become jaded and respond in a mean way back to advertisers. Also many of these people that respond angrily are often failed streamers themselves and cope with failure by trying to drag other streamers down. What fantastic people!

But I will be real, many other crap streamers waste people’s time by shamelessly posting their link. At least I wait until the end of the game and I work hard every game to show that I am a good player, a good teammate, and a good sport. I am proud of my advertising. I think I do a fair job, or at least as fair as it is going to get.

Back to the main point. The classic phrase I hear from hecklers is “how many subs you got?” This phrase is almost always rhetorical and is said with the intention not of actually asking for the information but with the intention to say “go fuck yourself and your shit channel it probably has no subs and therefore sucks.” However, I now have 100 subs and this number is now my mother fucking weapon.

Many people on the internet always want to meet successful streamers, but they don’t like hanging around channels that lack a community or is going nowhere. And often the people that advertise are these types so when they see a message that reads “Hey check out my stream at twitch.tv/fb_lurker” they think “oh god another loser streamer.” But some times they fire back with the “how many subs” line and this gives me a chance to prove that I am a serious streamer by telling them my sub count.

Ever since I had over 50 subs, my answer would often turn hecklers around. Many responded “Oh shit no way! Dude I will check you out right now!” And this is because previous advertisers usually wasted these peoples time such that they made the generalization that probably all advertisers are just crap streamers. When I have a chance to show them that I am the opposite of what they thought, it often provokes a strong reaction and the hecklers sometimes often become highly interested in the channel. Maybe it is a guilt complex where they feel bad that they were being a jerk (because they thought wrongly that the streamer was crap.)

Regardless, it is awesome turning hecklers around and seeing my channel grow. Followers beget followers, subs beget subs, and it is crazy to see my channel starting to snowball a little bit. It feels simply amazing and I am excited to finish this blog post, go to sleep, wake up tomorrow, stream again, and then use my new psychological weapon: the power of the number 100.

I tell you, people really get wowed by this number. So everyone go tell the hecklers,

100 Subs motherfucker.



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