Night Blogging

Ever since I started doing my night shows I have been having a hard time falling to sleep. So I have started a new routine. After my shows I will unwind by having a snack (I’m usually super hungry by midnight after a four stream as well) and after I finish eating I have started writing blog posts or playing my guitar while I watch reality TV. My cat joins me too. The company is nice.

I never thought I would be here but I am. And honestly I am loving reality TV. It is so simple and mindless that I love it. I find right now I just get too riled up by politics and at night after entertaining I want to be entertained myself. Tonight I am watching a show called “Sex sent me to the ER” and I think I have hit a new low.

I was not sure if could get worse than the shows I was watching on MTV but I think this show has lowered the bar. It is pretty good to be honest, and I sincerely hope I am never one of the cases portrayed on the show. But considering I fuck so many THOTTS on the regular that it is simply a numbers game and soon something will go wrong and my mishap will be portrayed on an episode. Honestly my mishap would probably be so glorious that it would get a special hour long episode just for itself. Maybe a Christmas Special or something.



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