These are the Days I stream for

Today was amazing. So many new followers, so many new subs, and so many fun games. These are the best days of streaming, and what every streamer wants to have happen every day. To the non-streamer sometimes it may look like all days of streaming are the same but any streamer knows that this is simply not the case. Some days are spectacular, some days are spectacularly bad (for whatever reason.)

But today was great. Shout out to everyone that was part of it. These are the days I live for. Entertaining so many people that are having such a great time that they give back and support me is just amazing. It’s the magic of entertaining. These are the days that energize streamers into pushing on. Remember, streaming is like most of anything in life; it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Thanks again for the support everyone.

I’m hitting the hay, see ya’ll tomorrow!




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