Shout out to the Subs

Today was a great stream. We had a mix of new and old subs and it made for a lit stream. I really have to thank everyone who has subbed to me now, or in the past. It really does make a difference to my channel. First, because I get paid a little bit (which is very nice) but more importantly it adds hype to my channel and makes the atmosphere exciting. It really is interesting to see how subscribers can really get a channel moving.

Twitch is community based and when someone subscribes it often begets another to subscribe afterwards, and so on. When so many people come together and do this it generates hype and with hype the sky is the limit. With that said, I am writing this post to thank everyone that subs or has subbed to me in the past. It is really great and the stream is growing. Streaming 40+ hours a week, with about eight everyday, the show is going somewhere. Currently I have 77 Subscribers as of today and I thank all of you for showing me your support. I will see you in the chat later tonight.

Thanks Again,


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