A blog a day

Keep me honest everyone. My new goal is to blog every day. Even if the post is short, my goal is to get one done. All I need to do is keep at this and soon enough I will have the habit and it will become easy. It honestly is already easy. Once I start typing then my mind gets rolling and the words start flowing and voila there is a post. However, the struggle is overcoming my laziness and getting to this point. I guess my blogging experience is a metaphor for life. Most things really are not so bad, but when we humans think about doing them we make them seem like they will be. E.G. “posting will take too much time,” or “I don’t even know what to write.” But honestly these are just lame excuses and being lazy. The hardest part is overcoming yourself and preventing yourself from talking yourself out of doing whatever it is that you want to do. So stop stopping yourself and start starting yourself.

I’m going to post at least once a day on my blog from now on. Keep me honest everyone.


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