Operation White Noise looks LIT

Today Ubisoft released their official unveiling for their newest Operation and its operators. The map will be a skyscraper in South Korea which is already an infinite upgrade from Blood Orchid’s dreadful Theme Park map. Honestly, I don’t know a single soul who actually enjoys that terrible map. I hope that Ubisoft either removes it or reworks it.

Anyways, the new operators coming out are very interesting. Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia have the respective powers of hacking, drone cloaking, and a Concussive/Grenade Launcher. Without a doubt these operators are going to heavily change the Rainbow Six Siege Meta-Game. And this is exactly what everyone wants: a constantly evolving fresh new FPS game.

This is the beauty of Rainbow Six Siege. Just when the game may start getting stale, the introduction of new operators allow for the game to evolve and become new again. And this is not just with the addition of new operators, but also with how the existing operators in the game will counter or compliment the new additions. Dokkaebi’s hacking ability is going to be a great counter for roamers and the ability to hack Valkyrie cameras has been something that Rainbow players have long been desiring. Vigil’s ability to be able to hide himself from drones is also very unique and will present a new danger to attackers on entry. Zofia has an impressive grenade launcher, but even more so is her impressive ability to be able lift herself out of injury once per round. That is certainly game changing.

Rainbow Six stands in sharp contrast to other realistic FPS shooters out there. It constantly has dynamic play and is continually improving and growing. Further, it is the only realistic class based shooter released so far that actually works. In my experience with other class based shooters either one class is extremely powerful such that it nullifies all other picks, or the classes are so weak that it does not even matter and the game is a class based shooter in name only. Rainbow Six Siege shares neither problem as it has many strong operator choices as well as many situational picks as well. Further with the release of new operators the meta constantly changes and while currently one operator may not see much play, that may change in the future.

I am personally extremely excited for Dokkaebi. Currently I have been struggling to enter into maps and have been getting destroyed by roamers. Dokkaebi’s phone hack is an extremely good counter to roaming and it is exactly what I am looking for. And on top of that I get to Hack Valkyrie cams if I get a kill. That is what’s up.

The other operators look strong as well and it is going to be interesting to see which one actually is the best. There is a lot of talk about Dokkaebi as she was leaked before the other operators, but only time will tell us which one is actually the strongest of the new three.

And I cannot wait.


Keep Smiling,


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