I love TruTV

So recently I have been watching TruTV in the mornings. I never have really been a TV person but given my new streaming schedule I have more time to spend in the mornings than I have before. I have been watching two shows in particular on TruTV; Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect. Both of these shows are amazing, I highly recommend them.

Impractical Jokers is about four life-long friends who all participate in pranks together in public environments and if the members lose, fail, or object to the prank they then get punished by the other members and have to be part of an even worse prank. The show is wildly funny and its made even better by the Jokers ability to act on the spot and improvise. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It is definitely a must watch.

The Carbonaro Effect is show starring the Magician Michael Carbonaro who performs magic on unsuspecting people in entirely random environments. The tricks are very unusual and almost invariably the subjects fail to realize its magic. When Carbanaro sees that people are awed he then often comes up with some “scientific” reason for why it works. The show is great because not only does Carbonaro do wild tricks, he also shows how easily swayed people are by “Science.” I love it lol. So few people actually doubt what they are seeing and guess that Carbonaro is a magician.

Well, I’m off to lunch everyone. Have fun watching these shows, see you soon.


Shout out to the Subs

Today was a great stream. We had a mix of new and old subs and it made for a lit stream. I really have to thank everyone who has subbed to me now, or in the past. It really does make a difference to my channel. First, because I get paid a little bit (which is very nice) but more importantly it adds hype to my channel and makes the atmosphere exciting. It really is interesting to see how subscribers can really get a channel moving.

Twitch is community based and when someone subscribes it often begets another to subscribe afterwards, and so on. When so many people come together and do this it generates hype and with hype the sky is the limit. With that said, I am writing this post to thank everyone that subs or has subbed to me in the past. It is really great and the stream is growing. Streaming 40+ hours a week, with about eight everyday, the show is going somewhere. Currently I have 77 Subscribers as of today and I thank all of you for showing me your support. I will see you in the chat later tonight.

Thanks Again,


Stream Tip: Consistency is Key

For a long time a hallmark of my stream has been my ability to analyze what works and what fails in a twitch stream, and then to communicate my understanding of this to my chat. While initially I was working on writing a book on this topic, I have now decided to do blog posts on these topics instead. The way I see it, if I write enough of these then I will compile them into a book.

A pillar of a successful stream is consistency. Fans want to watch you and they can only do that if you stream frequently. Being honest, streaming everyday is best. Multiple times a day if possible, and for hours at a time. Now, this may be hard, or not even possible for most streamers, but there is no question that it works. If you are seriously committed to your stream and you want to see it grow, frequency is key.

Next, set a schedule. While streaming every day is very important, you also want to have your times set. This way your followers know when you are going live so they can plan their day around the show. Remember they have lives too, you can’t just expect them to drop everything they are doing and tune into your show when you go live at 5:00 in the morning. Make sure they know when you are going live so that they can plan to watch the show. Ideally, have your shows at the same time that way your followers can get used to a routine. This is really what you are going for. Build a show around a certain time that way your community can build their days around it as well.

Remember streaming is all about growth and thus you need to construct your stream in ways to get more people to tune in. You do this by not just getting followers but by getting the right followers. If you stream at random times every day you will gain more followers, but you won’t see any growth. This is because the new followers you gain each day will be watching at different times from the ones that you gained yesterday. What you really need is to stream every day at the same time that way you have the people from yesterday watch your show along with the new people watching today. Again, people have lives, they are busy. They have school, work, hobbies, families, friends, relationships, etc. TLDR: They have shit to do.

As a streamer you are entertainment, and therefore you are at the bottom of the totem pole. All of the things I listed are usually more important to viewers than your show, and rightfully so by the way. Therefore knowing this, you must find the time of the day that works for you and then stick to that. During that time window you are looking to gather viewers who are relaxing. Stick to that time window and build your audience in that frame. Because if you switch you risk your viewers not being able to watch you due to the above listed concerns.

To sum up, if you want to make a successful channel, stream everyday, at set scheduled times, and ideally at the same times. Now get working everybody.



A blog a day

Keep me honest everyone. My new goal is to blog every day. Even if the post is short, my goal is to get one done. All I need to do is keep at this and soon enough I will have the habit and it will become easy. It honestly is already easy. Once I start typing then my mind gets rolling and the words start flowing and voila there is a post. However, the struggle is overcoming my laziness and getting to this point. I guess my blogging experience is a metaphor for life. Most things really are not so bad, but when we humans think about doing them we make them seem like they will be. E.G. “posting will take too much time,” or “I don’t even know what to write.” But honestly these are just lame excuses and being lazy. The hardest part is overcoming yourself and preventing yourself from talking yourself out of doing whatever it is that you want to do. So stop stopping yourself and start starting yourself.

I’m going to post at least once a day on my blog from now on. Keep me honest everyone.