Took an L, but then I BOUNCED BACK

Earlier today I was grinding hard on H1Z1 trying to get wins in Solos so that I can rank up to the Masters Bracket. I had a bit of a rough night last night getting another second place finish as well as some third, fourth, and fifth place finishes. I was close, but I did not get the cigar. Today the morning started in a similar fashion as I made it all the way to the end only to lose the final battle.

The worst part was that I had tunnel visioned on my screen and I did not realize that there were only two players left. I thought that there were more so I was playing very apprehensively because I only knew where one of the players was. If only I looked at the corner of my screen and saw that it said “2 Remain” I would have realized that it was just me and him left and that I did not have to watch my back as I knew exactly where he was. Losing that game to him sucked because I was so close to another win.

Well I got back on the horse today when I started streaming and I went for some more wins. And what do you fucking know, I got one! It was killer too because I did it live, and that is the strangest part to be honest. All of my Solos Wins have been when I have been live on my stream. When I am offline and playing alone I tend to choke and get second. I don’t really know why, it probably is just luck, because one would think that it would be the other way around. I guess I perform when people are watching, but not so when I’m alone. Maybe I should do Porn. ;]



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