My Return to H1Z1

Recently, I began playing H1Z1 King of the Kill, a game that I honestly never thought I would ever play again. This is because back in the day when the game was called H1Z1 Battle Royale, I developed an intense hatred for the developers of the game, Daybreak Games. I have now miraculously overcome my hatred and I finding the game to be extremely fun and I am rank pushing in it every night. In short, I gave the game a second chance and I’m glad I did because I love it.

So where did my hatred start exactly? Well it all started over a year and a half ago. When H1Z1 came out I was hooked on it. The idea of a Battle Royale game where 100 players simultaneously land in a world, scavenge for loot and then fight to the death was an amazing idea for a game and extremely fun to play. I kept playing this game on and off stream for hours working hard to win it.

But while the concept was great, the game itself was far from it. The doors were extremely glitchy, shooting mechanics were terrible, and so were the movement mechanics. Coming from Counter Strike, a game renowned for its smoothness in all of these categories, it was hard to get past these problems. However, H1Z1 was in early access alpha, or beta, and it was clear that the game was not the finished product and that we would have to wait for them to improve it and polish it off. I had no problem with some waiting, but the days became weeks, and the weeks became months, and the game seemed to never get updated. Eventually I go so sick and tired of the crappy game and I quit. When PUBG came out I thought great, a new Battle Royale Game so I never have to waste my time on H1Z1 again.

And honestly I never would have played it again if it was not for the fact that one of my long time loyal followers of my stream, Mountain, desperately wanted to play a game with me and unforuntately for him his computer could not run PUBG but it could run H1Z1. I finally agreed to play with him and I logged back into H1Z1 after many many failed password attempts as it had been so long. I entered H1Z1 again with the largest chip on my shoulder towards a video game than ever before.

And I was impressed with how much better the game was, and more at how fun it is to play. I am now extremely addicted to the game and it is currently my favorite to play.  spend hours grinding matches day after day to try to hit the Masters Rank in Solos. That is my current goal for myself at this moment and I am working hard at achieving it.

Currently, the game is very smooth. Player movement is very smooth and looting is quick and easy. Doors open well and the driving mechanics of the vehicles are improved too. There is almost no bullet drop, and while some players inthe H1Z1 community despise this, I think this is a grea improvement to the game. H1Z1 always has been an arcade style shooter, not a more realistic based shooter. The “Lazer” mechanics of the guns that were issued in the combat update to make the game much better and feel distinctly different to its Battle Royale competitor Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which is more realistic than H1Z1.

The game still has some bugs and things that could be improved such as the Bloom mechanic of spraying where bullets go randomly in a cone when fired frequently, grenade spam, and other things as well.

However I monitor the H1Z1 King of the Kill subReddit daily and it is quite refreshing to see that the developer, DayBreak Games, often responds to posts and is actively communicating with the community and is working on updates, particularly these previously expressed problems in particular.

I think that there is hope for H1Z1 currently as the game is much better than it used to be and with the competition of PUBG it seems to me that DayBreak is getting its act together and is working harder to develop a better game.

That’s all for today folks, time for me to get back on the H1 servers!



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