YouTube Streaming

Today marked my first foray into YouTube Streaming. And surprisingly it went very well. Today I gathered over thirty active viewers, a feat I have not done in a long time on twitch, and something I was not expecting to have happen on my first stream on YouTube.

The reason I did a stream today on YouTube is interesting itself as one would think with over 6,000 followers on twitch, why would I ever go on another website, especially on an account where I don’t even have 200 subscribers? Well in short, I wouldn’t, but I had no other option.

The game I streamed today was none other than Classic World of Warcraft (WoW) from 2006. The game in its first and I argue its best form. Now Blizzard does not like the WoW private server community and they try to shut these servers down when they can. This server is located in a foreign country so the USA’s DMCA law does not apply and Blizzard is helpless to shut it down. However, Twitch and Blizzard are close and twitch currently bans streamers that broadcast any other version than retail World of Warcraft.

Because I still stream on twitch and mostly stream on that platform, there is no way I would risk my following over this one game. I decided then to stream on YouTube and just see how it would go. To my surprise it went so well that I decided to come back tonight with another WoW stream since everyone wanted me to return. (Thanks guys /blsuh)

Currently I am waiting for my food at my local Chinese restaurant writing this post right now. I’m going to scarf this food down and then get back on the stream and WoW grind.

And in Vanilla WoW, the grind is so real.

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and shout out to Siikm for 2.50$ donation today! Thanks man, I appreciate it. You just bought me some tasty green tea that I am sipping right now. =D

For everyone interested in playing classic WoW, go to and get your account set up. It is 100% free, though the server runs off of donations so if you do enjoy it please throw the people a few bucks to keep it going. If you want to play with me make a character on the Elysium PVP server and play Horde. My name is Lonesoul (undead warrior), feel free to hit me up and if you would like I will invite you to my guild as well <Mugiwara no Ichimi>

Weebs Unite


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