Polyphia: My new favorite band

polyphiaI doubt many of you have heard of this band before, but trust me they rock. Described on wikipedia (I seriously love wikipedia: I will write an article on that too one day) as an “instrumental progressive metal” band, this band delivers. Their melodic style of playing combined with their heavy riffs is really what gives them their signature sound.

I discovered them through Spotify radio after I had finished listening to an album by another instrumental progressive metal band I am a big fan of; Intervals. I was in the midst of reading One Piece (best manga ever, big post on that also coming soon) and I began to notice that the music I was listening to was similar to Intervals but that it wasn’t them. I tabbed out and checked the band and was instantly hooked. Since then I have been listening to their albums on repeat all the way through. I have even hooked some fans in my twitch channel as well on their music!

Shoutout to VexytheSmurf AKA Johnny 3 Tears.

In my opinion their first album isn’t that great, but their second album Renaissance and their EP The Most Hated are absolutely incredible. If you are looking for a few good songs to listen to I recommend checking out “Nightmare” “LIT” and “The Worst.” Honestly you can’t really go wrong with any of them though.

For some, this genre will be a new step as it is not a common genre that people listen to. But if you give it a shot I bet it will grow on you and hopefully it will lead you into other genres of music as well.

Stop by my stream and let me know if you dig them!

– fb_lurker

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