Moving Out but Moving On

These past few days I have started packing up the old office. It has been an interesting experience. I am very eager to move out and to go back to Los Angeles so that I can finally commit to my twitch stream and give it a real chance. Currently, I have been living in Southern Oregon where I lack quality high-speed internet in my home, such that I have been driving in and out of town every day where I rent an office that has decent enough internet for streaming.

All in all, it has been a real pain in the ass and very inefficient. It was worth giving it a shot and seeing what I could do given my situation, but it doesn’t make any practical sense and at this point the drive everyday kills me. In about a week and a half from now I will be moved out and will be on the road back to Los Angeles.

I have been using these days before my move to get a lot of my things to together and in order. I have been getting my computers cleaned up, going through my clothes looking for what I want to take and what I don’t need to bring with me, and I have been enjoying more days with my parents spending some more time with them since I will be away from them for a while. Moving is something I have done many times now, and while I would like to say that I am used to it, every time I move there is still that feeling of leaving things behind.

Take the office for example. It really has been inefficient as all hell and limited my stream from progressing the way I want it to, yet I did make many fun friends there and it was always a great part of my day to talk to Renee, Kai, Andy, Tony, Leslie, and Becky. I am going to miss those interactions.

But it is time to move out and to move on. Returning to California I will have solid internet and will be able to stream like an absolute monster. Currently my streams are only about three hours long and then it is time to drive home, that is unless I want to stay in town and eat dinner by myself and then drive home really late at night. Soon, in Los Angeles I will be able to stream whenever I want and I will not have to make social sacrifices for my stream. Which I have also found has ended up hurting my stream in the long run as having no friends really gets to you, and besides who wants to watch a depressed streamer? Nobody. I cannot stress how excited I am to soon be living near my closest friends again. You all will get to meet them on the show as well.

Anyways I cannot wait! I am ready to go all out and my plan is to stream for 40+ hours a week. I have set this number as my goal because I want everyone in my stream to know how committed I am to my channel. Streaming is very misunderstood by many people, and often people think of streaming as not even work at all, or that streamers just do it for fun, or that isn’t a real commitment.

I say that this depends on the streamer. Some streamers out there only do it for a few hours, and others only do it for fun, and to these streamers the often ascribed descriptions are accurate.

However, I am not a streamer who just does my show for fun. While I do find it fun, it is a real commitment to me. I have poured thousands of dollars into my show for computers and equipment, gas money to drive to my office, rent money to pay for an office so that I could keep streaming when everything made it seem impossible, and the hundreds of hours (maybe even over a thousand at this point) that I have spent online as a streamer over these two and a half years.

I find ways to make streaming work out because it is what I want to do. I want to make stream grow, and I want to entertain and inspire as many people as I can. This is why I am moving. I am committed to streaming and I am going to do everything I can to give it my best shot and make my dream work out. I will go that extra mile and stream as much as I possibly can, especially more than the average work week. I’m not going to let people get away with the idea that I don’t work hard at what I do. Some streamers surely don’t work hard, but there are plenty of streamers that work extremely hard and are dedicated to their channel and their following. I am one of these streamers, and I will prove that to my fans.

I will be all packed up and out of my office in a week and soon I will be streaming live from Los Angeles. I absolutely cannot wait to make the best streams I can and to plan all kinds of new and old content for the show.

Shows will be sparse in these next two weeks as I will be moving and packing so my show times will be all messed up. But I will make it all up to everyone soon by streaming more than I have ever done before. I appreciate all the support that my fans have given me over the past years. All of your support is the reason I am doing this. If I didn’t have the people that believed in me and my show, I likely wouldn’t be still risking my dream as a streamer. But I still am and I thank you for this. You rock CULT.


Still not a cult master,


Took an L, but then I BOUNCED BACK

Earlier today I was grinding hard on H1Z1 trying to get wins in Solos so that I can rank up to the Masters Bracket. I had a bit of a rough night last night getting another second place finish as well as some third, fourth, and fifth place finishes. I was close, but I did not get the cigar. Today the morning started in a similar fashion as I made it all the way to the end only to lose the final battle.

The worst part was that I had tunnel visioned on my screen and I did not realize that there were only two players left. I thought that there were more so I was playing very apprehensively because I only knew where one of the players was. If only I looked at the corner of my screen and saw that it said “2 Remain” I would have realized that it was just me and him left and that I did not have to watch my back as I knew exactly where he was. Losing that game to him sucked because I was so close to another win.

Well I got back on the horse today when I started streaming and I went for some more wins. And what do you fucking know, I got one! It was killer too because I did it live, and that is the strangest part to be honest. All of my Solos Wins have been when I have been live on my stream. When I am offline and playing alone I tend to choke and get second. I don’t really know why, it probably is just luck, because one would think that it would be the other way around. I guess I perform when people are watching, but not so when I’m alone. Maybe I should do Porn. ;]



My Return to H1Z1

Recently, I began playing H1Z1 King of the Kill, a game that I honestly never thought I would ever play again. This is because back in the day when the game was called H1Z1 Battle Royale, I developed an intense hatred for the developers of the game, Daybreak Games. I have now miraculously overcome my hatred and I finding the game to be extremely fun and I am rank pushing in it every night. In short, I gave the game a second chance and I’m glad I did because I love it.

So where did my hatred start exactly? Well it all started over a year and a half ago. When H1Z1 came out I was hooked on it. The idea of a Battle Royale game where 100 players simultaneously land in a world, scavenge for loot and then fight to the death was an amazing idea for a game and extremely fun to play. I kept playing this game on and off stream for hours working hard to win it.

But while the concept was great, the game itself was far from it. The doors were extremely glitchy, shooting mechanics were terrible, and so were the movement mechanics. Coming from Counter Strike, a game renowned for its smoothness in all of these categories, it was hard to get past these problems. However, H1Z1 was in early access alpha, or beta, and it was clear that the game was not the finished product and that we would have to wait for them to improve it and polish it off. I had no problem with some waiting, but the days became weeks, and the weeks became months, and the game seemed to never get updated. Eventually I go so sick and tired of the crappy game and I quit. When PUBG came out I thought great, a new Battle Royale Game so I never have to waste my time on H1Z1 again.

And honestly I never would have played it again if it was not for the fact that one of my long time loyal followers of my stream, Mountain, desperately wanted to play a game with me and unforuntately for him his computer could not run PUBG but it could run H1Z1. I finally agreed to play with him and I logged back into H1Z1 after many many failed password attempts as it had been so long. I entered H1Z1 again with the largest chip on my shoulder towards a video game than ever before.

And I was impressed with how much better the game was, and more at how fun it is to play. I am now extremely addicted to the game and it is currently my favorite to play.  spend hours grinding matches day after day to try to hit the Masters Rank in Solos. That is my current goal for myself at this moment and I am working hard at achieving it.

Currently, the game is very smooth. Player movement is very smooth and looting is quick and easy. Doors open well and the driving mechanics of the vehicles are improved too. There is almost no bullet drop, and while some players inthe H1Z1 community despise this, I think this is a grea improvement to the game. H1Z1 always has been an arcade style shooter, not a more realistic based shooter. The “Lazer” mechanics of the guns that were issued in the combat update to make the game much better and feel distinctly different to its Battle Royale competitor Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which is more realistic than H1Z1.

The game still has some bugs and things that could be improved such as the Bloom mechanic of spraying where bullets go randomly in a cone when fired frequently, grenade spam, and other things as well.

However I monitor the H1Z1 King of the Kill subReddit daily and it is quite refreshing to see that the developer, DayBreak Games, often responds to posts and is actively communicating with the community and is working on updates, particularly these previously expressed problems in particular.

I think that there is hope for H1Z1 currently as the game is much better than it used to be and with the competition of PUBG it seems to me that DayBreak is getting its act together and is working harder to develop a better game.

That’s all for today folks, time for me to get back on the H1 servers!



YouTube Streaming

Today marked my first foray into YouTube Streaming. And surprisingly it went very well. Today I gathered over thirty active viewers, a feat I have not done in a long time on twitch, and something I was not expecting to have happen on my first stream on YouTube.

The reason I did a stream today on YouTube is interesting itself as one would think with over 6,000 followers on twitch, why would I ever go on another website, especially on an account where I don’t even have 200 subscribers? Well in short, I wouldn’t, but I had no other option.

The game I streamed today was none other than Classic World of Warcraft (WoW) from 2006. The game in its first and I argue its best form. Now Blizzard does not like the WoW private server community and they try to shut these servers down when they can. This server is located in a foreign country so the USA’s DMCA law does not apply and Blizzard is helpless to shut it down. However, Twitch and Blizzard are close and twitch currently bans streamers that broadcast any other version than retail World of Warcraft.

Because I still stream on twitch and mostly stream on that platform, there is no way I would risk my following over this one game. I decided then to stream on YouTube and just see how it would go. To my surprise it went so well that I decided to come back tonight with another WoW stream since everyone wanted me to return. (Thanks guys /blsuh)

Currently I am waiting for my food at my local Chinese restaurant writing this post right now. I’m going to scarf this food down and then get back on the stream and WoW grind.

And in Vanilla WoW, the grind is so real.

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and shout out to Siikm for 2.50$ donation today! Thanks man, I appreciate it. You just bought me some tasty green tea that I am sipping right now. =D

For everyone interested in playing classic WoW, go to and get your account set up. It is 100% free, though the server runs off of donations so if you do enjoy it please throw the people a few bucks to keep it going. If you want to play with me make a character on the Elysium PVP server and play Horde. My name is Lonesoul (undead warrior), feel free to hit me up and if you would like I will invite you to my guild as well <Mugiwara no Ichimi>

Weebs Unite