Sometimes it’s best to not be Political

When I was in college and I was studying philosophy and theology, the most important things in life (at the time those two were them) were all I was concerned with, and I wanted everything to include them. I liked it when athletes brought the subjects up, or when in video games or television shows addressed certain themes. It was evidence that other mediums/areas were fighting the good fight and were talking about important issues.

Now this was all well and good when I was in my intellectual/cultural bubble of my college, but once I was in a different bubble that sharply disagreed with many things I believed I realized it was an issue. Humans do not always agree so easily on things such as religion, politics, morals, etc. and often it reduces into a yelling match in which no side budges. Yet society must go on. This is why it is important to have things such as sports be in my opinion largely a-political.

We as a society need something that ties us together. Politics will not do this. I am not saying that we need to get rid of politics, that is foolish politics is very important, however we must realize that as a society we will never fully agree and that we need to stay united even when we disagree with each other. This is why sports games are so key. Even in the midst of the political chaos of the 2015-2016 election season, my friends and I were able to enjoy ourselves and have a great Super Bowl Party and just watch the game together despite our deep disagreements. This is a societal asset.

I am not saying that athletes and sports networks can’t have political opinions, it’s just that they should be occasional and not frequent. We can watch CNN for politics, when we turn on ESPN that isn’t what we are looking for. People are going to have their beliefs, and thus athletes should be welcome to have them as well, but there should be a level of understanding that Sports is not Politics and ideally this should temper the level or at least the frequency of the discourse.

I understand this too as a twitch streamer. I have a background in philosophy and a Masters in Foreign Policy. I am able to discuss a wide array of politics issues and I am qualified to as well, regardless of whether you agree with my opinions, it is something that I seriously pursued studying in my life. Now I understand that politics is not the core of my stream. The core of my stream is video games and my connecting with my chat. Thus, I limit the amount of times I discuss politics and whether I talk about certain topics.

All in all, politics is very important and it is good to have discourse on it, however it is also good to sometimes not have discourse on it and instead occupy ourselves with something else.


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