Took an L but Time to Bounce Back

Today I got declined for twitch partnership. I had not really expected to get partnered, especially since I know many of the biggest streamers were turned down multiple times when they applied, but I was nonetheless disappointed. But I quickly realized that I needed to let this moment not drag me down, but rather motivate me to keep working harder. I vowed to myself that today would be a good day streaming and that I would not let this disappointment make my day bad.

And today’s stream was awesome. Our first game in Me and Sarcastic shredded it up on Cache and gained multiple followers from players in that game, from both our team and the enemy team. My childhood friend Ryan dropped a sub on me and so did one of my regular followers AbstractedTV. Kazbearr came in with a 5$ donation as well and also told one of his friends about my stream who ended up playing with us and following the stream. We even broke 30 viewers as well.

I appreciate all the support that I have recieved today and as I write this post I am just about finishing up my dinner as I will be streaming again tonight shortly. Life is full of losses and you just have to take them in stride so that you can get the next win. I am going to keep grinding on the stream and I will reapply for twitch partnership again in a few weeks. Thanks for all the support everyone and I will see you in the chat.




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