Sometimes it’s best to not be Political

When I was in college and I was studying philosophy and theology, the most important things in life (at the time those two were them) were all I was concerned with, and I wanted everything to include them. I liked it when athletes brought the subjects up, or when in video games or television shows addressed certain themes. It was evidence that other mediums/areas were fighting the good fight and were talking about important issues.

Now this was all well and good when I was in my intellectual/cultural bubble of my college, but once I was in a different bubble that sharply disagreed with many things I believed I realized it was an issue. Humans do not always agree so easily on things such as religion, politics, morals, etc. and often it reduces into a yelling match in which no side budges. Yet society must go on. This is why it is important to have things such as sports be in my opinion largely a-political.

We as a society need something that ties us together. Politics will not do this. I am not saying that we need to get rid of politics, that is foolish politics is very important, however we must realize that as a society we will never fully agree and that we need to stay united even when we disagree with each other. This is why sports games are so key. Even in the midst of the political chaos of the 2015-2016 election season, my friends and I were able to enjoy ourselves and have a great Super Bowl Party and just watch the game together despite our deep disagreements. This is a societal asset.

I am not saying that athletes and sports networks can’t have political opinions, it’s just that they should be occasional and not frequent. We can watch CNN for politics, when we turn on ESPN that isn’t what we are looking for. People are going to have their beliefs, and thus athletes should be welcome to have them as well, but there should be a level of understanding that Sports is not Politics and ideally this should temper the level or at least the frequency of the discourse.

I understand this too as a twitch streamer. I have a background in philosophy and a Masters in Foreign Policy. I am able to discuss a wide array of politics issues and I am qualified to as well, regardless of whether you agree with my opinions, it is something that I seriously pursued studying in my life. Now I understand that politics is not the core of my stream. The core of my stream is video games and my connecting with my chat. Thus, I limit the amount of times I discuss politics and whether I talk about certain topics.

All in all, politics is very important and it is good to have discourse on it, however it is also good to sometimes not have discourse on it and instead occupy ourselves with something else.


Don’t eat ice cream sandwitches

So about a month back, my Dad brings home this box of ice cream sandwiches. I don’t really eat ice cream nor do I snack much. One day I decide to eat one, I don’t even know why YOLO.

That day my life changed.

I have lost count of the number of ice cream sandwiches I have eaten. Wrappers litter the floor. I have gained 35 pounds. I have not paid the mortgage. I have forgotten my name. I did not eat the sandwich. I didn’t hit her. I did not eat the sandwich. I don’t know where the body is. I did not eat the sandwich. I did not eat the sandwich. .hciwdnas eht tae ton did i

Call me IRL_lurker

I am a serious people watcher. I love watching people go about their doing whatever it is they are doing whether it is shopping, walking, or talking. Just like people enjoy watching birds, I enjoy watching people. Maybe I should make a guide, dedicate a page to every generalized version of a person you can encounter. Like a page for a Bro and another page for an emo kid. I will honestly write this if you guys press me to do it.

So right now I just finished up a Dark Souls 2 Stream and I am at this small Japanese restaurant in town waiting for dinner. As I entered the place this guy on a date with his girlfriend (maybe wife, I didn’t have time to look for the ring and now I can’t see whether she is wearing one) said hello to me and asked me how my day was. It was very nice of him and I said that it was going well and that I was just getting through it. Although I will say it was unusual. Most people don’t great other customers in restaurants that they do not work at/own. Maybe he is the owner? I doubt it because this older Japanese couple is in the back and I think they are the owners based on how they are walking around the place. Anyways I proceeded to sit down in the booth behind them and I ordered yakisoba (my favorite) and then began to type this blog out.

This entire time I am writing this blog I am intently listening to their conversation. From what I gather I think the two of them have started dating recently. I say this because they are talking about foods and questioned are being exchanged about what their favorites dishes are, things that if they were married they would know already. From what I see I think this guy really likes this woman and is trying to make this date go super well. My guess, and this is just a guess, that as I entered the place either the woman made a comment about me seeing me through the windows before as I was talking to someone outside briefly and the man riffed off her comment and said hello to me, or maybe the air was dead for a second and to save the awkwardness he reached and said hello to me. Or maybe he just said hello because hes that type of outgoing person. I am that way myself very often.

I bet for many people this is a very strange blog post, and it kind of is truthfully, but I dgaf. People are super interesting, especially when they are doing routine things. This guy is taking a woman out on a date and the two of them have chosen to talk about foods and cooking for the past ten minutes. This is interesting because I never talk about cooking with girls, not even friends either. But this is because I am an absolute trash cook. Maybe if I start cooking then I will have things to talk about. I would also have some things to eat too. That would be nice. Maybe I will start cooking so I am like this guy and I have things to talk about to girls. Nah, I think I will stick with my go to date strat where I just stare and drool. That one is always a winner.

At this point I am convinced that the two are not married and are new to dating. The guy just made a bold move. He brought up one of his ex-girlfriends in conversation very subtley. Talking about ex’es can either mean the relationship is secure enough to talk about them or it can mean that this guy isn’t as interested in this girl too much, or that he is attached to the ex. Or the woman could be thinking this and the man isn’t at all. Who knows, but bold move, the ex girlfriend talk can always backfire.\

It didn’t seem like it mattered though, the two seemed to have had a very good time and will. GJ random guy! You did well. I love watching people its super interesting. Honestly ten times more interesting than watching animals, but most people feel very uncomfortable doing it so they don’t do it. But this is also because they do it wrong. The whole time I was listening/watching I just did it while I typed this blog, I wasn’t creeping hard starting at them lol. I bet that is how everyone imagined I was watching them as they read this. Listen people you are all doing it wrong. Just be subtle about it and look busy. Unless you are crazy or have huge balls then just do that direct eye contact strat. Not my fault if you get decked!

Welp I have no finished my food, and the couple has left. The place is almost empty other than the cook making some food for himself and the owners watching a Chinese movie in the back. It’s about time for me to pay the bill and then grab a coffee for another Dark Souls stream tonight. See yall in the Chat.


Until next time,


Took an L but Time to Bounce Back

Today I got declined for twitch partnership. I had not really expected to get partnered, especially since I know many of the biggest streamers were turned down multiple times when they applied, but I was nonetheless disappointed. But I quickly realized that I needed to let this moment not drag me down, but rather motivate me to keep working harder. I vowed to myself that today would be a good day streaming and that I would not let this disappointment make my day bad.

And today’s stream was awesome. Our first game in Me and Sarcastic shredded it up on Cache and gained multiple followers from players in that game, from both our team and the enemy team. My childhood friend Ryan dropped a sub on me and so did one of my regular followers AbstractedTV. Kazbearr came in with a 5$ donation as well and also told one of his friends about my stream who ended up playing with us and following the stream. We even broke 30 viewers as well.

I appreciate all the support that I have recieved today and as I write this post I am just about finishing up my dinner as I will be streaming again tonight shortly. Life is full of losses and you just have to take them in stride so that you can get the next win. I am going to keep grinding on the stream and I will reapply for twitch partnership again in a few weeks. Thanks for all the support everyone and I will see you in the chat.