Fix Your OBS

So today I have been doing something that has been long overdue: fixing up and cleaning up my Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). For the longest time it has been cluttered and left in a less than optimal state. Today I am changing that.

Streamers often are the type of people that want to get right into their show and get right to the entertaining. This is a good trait to have, but sometimes it is good to just sit back for the day and fix up the setup. While you may draw less viewers/follows on the day that you polish your setup (as it is somewhat boring to watch for most people concerned), you will gain more viewers/followers on your next streams if your setup looks polished.

Viewers often check out streams for only a short period. Sometimes people leave a stream within five seconds of loading it up. I know I myself have done this. This is why it is very important to have a clean looking stream. All these little details such as having a clean overlay, a good bitrate, and solid audio make a difference. If any one of these things is off, this new viewer may leave. As a streamer you want everything to be as perfect as possible.

Now some streamers out there will say, “I don’t want the viewer that would leave in five seconds to be in my channel. I want people there who can see my personality.” The people who think this way are missing the point. This is like the people who don’t try to make themselves look attractive and then bitch about why they never get any dates. People cannot see personalities, but they can see looks. This is why it is important to look good. If you look good, people will want to interact with you and then they will be able to get a feel for your personality. Just like dating, it rings the same with being a streamer. Make your stream look as good as possible, so at the very least people are not turned off.

This is what we have been doing all day. We uploaded a new font to my OBS and have been using that as the choice font for out Donation and Follower overlay texts. We updated my GPU drivers and that has seemed to fix the extremely problematic issue of OBS crashing when I would alt-tab. If this has been truly fixed, today will have been a big win. Nothing is worse than when your OBS software crashes. Because when this happens, you lost viewership and almost always it fails to return to the same level that it was at prior to the crash. Streams thrive on hype and nothing is more un-hype than having a stream go offline.

I just took a break from fixing my stream to come grab a bite to eat, figured I would write a post as well since I have been slacking recently. Shout out to everyone in the chat that has been giving me suggestions, feedback, and support. You guys are the best. Special thanks to Lots_of_Pyro for making me graphics. As Labanfro says “You rock man!”


drowning as I write this,


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