Don’t think too much

a beautiful mind

Today’s post may be applicable to some and to others it may not. If you find you relate to this content then it is probably a good piece for you to read, however if you find that you do not relate then this blog probably isn’t important for you.

Today I am talking about a problem that some people, including myself, are more inclined to. This problem is thinking too much. I find at times that I will think too much about something and come up with all kinds of hypothetical situations that will get my brain running and then none of them usually ever occur in reality. This is a bad habit.

I used to do this more back when I was younger but as I have gotten older I have gotten much better at restraining myself. This is because I have seen the consequences of doing it myself, as well as the consequences of when other people have done it. It has not been good. Too many times drama has arisen when it never should have occurred in the first place.

Inside their minds people make up all these fictitious problems, demonize other people, think the worst is going to happen, and while often these imagined things do not happen, something else does because the person who imagines the worst acts off his/her imagined thoughts and then causes trouble. Do not be this person. Just live each day grounded in reality and not in your imagination. Trust me, this is better for everyone involved. There isn’t much more to say than simply “don’t do it.”

This blog post is related to my earlier post about “just talking about it.” While these posts can go hand in hand the message of this one is different. The main focus of today’s post is to realize that some times it is better not to think. If you have some thought gnawing at your brain, just try to discard it. Now, this is not always an easy task. However if you work at it, it gets easier. Every time you find yourself wandering in your mind thinking about something too much, just say no and go do something else. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.



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