Nickelback Rocks.

Today’s post may be the most controversial post I have ever written. Yes more controversial than religion, yes more controversial than Trump, and yes even more controversial than the impossible task of approximating the length of my massive penis. I am talking about Nickelback, and how they Rock.

That is right assholes I said it. Nickelback Rocks. You all hate them, you all say they suck, yet somehow you mother fuckers know all the lyrics to photograph, rockstar, how you remind me, and every other chart topping mega hit the that greatest band of all time has ever made.

You should all bow down to Chad Kroeger and Co. Nickelback provides the hits man. Some seriously good shit. In fact since I started listening to Nickelback many things have changed. First my sex life has improved. I now get my dick sucked five times daily, an increase from four. My Subaru STI’s maximum top speed is now 200+ MPH when I listen to “Animals” off the great album “All the Right Reasons.” Third my dick gets sucked six times daily, and increase from five.

Nickelback has changed my life, and I know that it has changed yours as well. Stop denying that you hate them. Get out of the closet and embrace Nickelback. You know you want to. I wont judge you if you do. However I will judge you if you don’t. Everyone likes Nickelback and anyone who denies that they do is suspect.

Rock on pussies.



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