Just flow

So for today’s post I am going to explain myself. Sometimes when I am streaming I do not always respond to comments or people talking to me. This may at times make me appear as uncaring, being a jerk, or selfish; but in reality it is just me doing my show.

When I am on a certain train of thought I do not stop it until I finish it. This is because I am in the moment and if I stop myself even to answer a short question, it can totally derail my thoughts and this is bad. People tune in to watch me talk and it is in my best interest to make sure I talk as best I can. Now I love the chat and a big part of my talking comes from the chat so this is not to say that chat interaction is not important (after all it’s one of the biggest factors in my stream), but rather that as a streamer I need to balance being myself amidst chat interaction. TLDR: When I am on a flow I go with it and I do not let myself get interrupted. After I have covered my subject, then I will read chat and answer others.

When I first started streaming, and even for a long time after, I did not realize how much the show was about me. It sounds selfish to say it that way, probably because of the current time we live in, but it is true. People tune in to streams to watch the streamer. As a streamer you have to remember that people are there to watch you. This doesn’t mean that people in your chat, discord, or your team aren’t important or anything, but you as the streamer are number one. There is nothing wrong with admitting that and owning that; especially since it is your stream and no one else’s. If others want to be number one, they can. All they have to do is make their own stream.

When you break your flow, it can really hurt your stream content. Because as a streamer, especially if a lot of your content is based on what you say (as in my case), people really want to hear what you have to say. Breaking your flow to respond to someone may make that one person happy, but actually it does a disservice to all the other people in your stream that are listening to what you have to say. This is because you can get in the zone when you are entertaining and anything else can take you out of it. The best thing to do is finish your train of thought and then respond to people after.

Note, if you get really big this is going to be harder and harder to do and eventually you just will have to accept that you cannot respond to everyone. I am seeing this already when I have twenty-five plus viewers in chat, I cannot imagine what it’s like when you have hundreds or thousands watching. As a fan of chat interaction this has to be a sort of bitter-sweet moment.

The way I learned this lesson about flowing was when I was with Joe in New York. We were at a small comedy club in Greenwich Village. It was a really cool experience, there was only maybe thirty of us max in the place so it was really intimate. Anyways there was one comedian who was really great. He had us all dying of laughter. At one point I thought of something really funny to say that worked well with his jokes and I yelled it. The comedian heard me and all of a sudden was like a deer in the headlights. He asked me what I meant and I repeated what I thought was a free slam dunk joke I was setting him up for but he didn’t get it. After five long seconds of thinking about it he just beamed with a smile, started laughing, finished up the joke, the crowd laughed, and then said to us “You guys are so great here even the hecklers are awesome!”

But that was weird to me. I didn’t think I was being a heckler, I thought I was being nice and a good fan. But that is when I got it. Comedians often get into a rhythm and they just recite their show. Hecklers aren’t so bad that they say something mean, they are worse because they interrupt the flow of the entertainer. Just ruining a flow can be so damaging to a comedian at times they cannot recover from it. Note, good comedians know how to deal with hecklers, but still the lesson is that flow is important.

Overtime I thought about this and I realized how much it applies to my show. Nowadays I always finish my points. It’s not that I do not hear other people in my stream or that I am ignoring them, it’s just that it is important that I finish my points. It’s what a lot of people tune in to watch, so not doing this is very unhealthy to the growth and success of my stream.

I wanted to make this post for a while because I wanted to explain to my stream why I do not always answer comments right away, and I hope I made enough sense that you understand. I appreciate it, it’s not that I hate you all, it’s the opposite I love you all. The Cult has really been turning up lately. It’s been awesome.

Additionally, I think this is a great lesson for anyone else that finds themselves entertaining in any field. If you are the entertainer you are the most important person. Again, this does not mean that other people are not important, it simply means that you need to make sure that you are doing what you do best and you do not get derailed. People want to watch you, so make sure that you be you. Don’t let anything else take away from you, and just flow.


Drowning right now,


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