Tidy up

Today’s post is pretty basic. TLDR for everyone right now who doesn’t want to read anything. Tidy up your shit. Clean your room, wash your car, organize your office, pick your clothes up off the floor, sweep the kitchen, whatever it is, just clean it up.

I have found that at times when I am unmotivated/lazy I often have my personal life in a mess. It has been a strange observance but I do believe that there is truth in that having the things in your life organized helps you be more organized yourself. Many days when I am lazy, e.g. don’t get out of bed my room is a total mess. Recently I cleaned up my room, washed my car, re-organized my office, and honestly I feel so much better. I feel like I have more energy and that I am ready to do more work. Particularly I enjoy spending more time in my office now that is much nicer and this has translated into more streaming. Before I barely ever did late night vibes, but now I try to get it in whenever I can, and it has been fun. I have way more energy than before which was a big reason as to why I didn’t do late night vibes as often. But now that I am more organized I feel more motivated.

This post is not very logical, but I believe that there is more logic to what I am talking about than meets the eye. I’m sure that a psychologist could talk in depth about this and explain it much better to everyone, but I can at least vouch with my personal experience that it is worth it.

I feel better about myself when my things are clean. I think this probably is just the basic desire in most people to want to look good. I find that this basic desire has two audiences. First, you want other people to think you look good. Second, you want yourself to think that you look good. Having a clean environment is great especially for myself because I am always trying to make myself think I look good. Most of the time I care more about how I think I look than what other people think about me. It’s funny because almost every time I go shopping with a friend they tell me I look good in clothes that I think I look terrible in. I must be dumb. This is news to everyone I suppose.

Today’s post is very much a rambling stream of consciousness as opposed to some of my previous posts, but I don’t care. Not all of my posts are going to be super awesome and poignant, some are going to be more flippant and just things that were in my head at that moment. Sort of like my twitch stream lol.

But that is what blogging, streaming, and working is all about. Not every day is going to be amazing, many days are going to be really basic and it is important to not get bogged down in that they are so normal but just to keep grinding and throw up a post on the blog. Hell, if I didn’t do this then my blog dies and I don’t post for over a month. These types of posts keep me in my mental blogging zone so that I don’t forget that it exists. And honestly organizing my stuff recently has made me think much more about my blog. I have found that organizing my personal spaces has made me organize my life more. I have started blogging again, I just started taking guitar lessons again last week, and I have been taking streaming much more seriously. Being more in control of yourself and your life is a great feeling to have, and I would argue that it starts with getting your shit together.

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