Streams have been Lit

Yo it has been a while since my last blog post; I know I have proven to be very terrible at routinely updating these. Shout out to AlexR for reminding me to do so.

These past few weeks of streaming have been sublime. To break 30 active views 3 times in one week, each time while breaking the high viewer record has been amazing. It is just crazy to think how close I was to actually quitting streaming a couple months back, and now the stream is starting to get rolling. I am very happy I did not quit and thank you to all that gave me encouraging words.

Chat interaction has reached an all time high and I really aim to continue doing this. Sending out the letters and stickers to everyone has been one of the most fun things I have ever done and I just cannot wait to start sending the t-shirts out. Hopefully we have another proto-type tomorrow and that we can have some sent out by the end of the week. Make sure to send me snaps of where you all slap your stickers and of course of yourselves wearing the t-shirts in the future.

Another part of the stream that has been great has been the diversity of the games played. Mixing Rainbow Six, CS:GO Surf, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, along with Thursday now set as designated Dark Souls day, the stream has really grown. For a long time I was very reluctant to stream a variety of games as in the past I saw my total viewer count drop as I was so heavily dependent on counter strike.

However with the new approach to the stream (making chat interaction #1 – especially over high level gameplay) it has made me a better streamer. I say this because forcing myself to play multiple games has made me internalize that the game is truly not the main focus of my stream. The main focus of my stream is myself and my interaction with the Cult. The show is successful when I do this, and shout outs to everyone who loves to tune in for it. It does not really matter what game I play, so long as I keep my approach maintained. This is also why I do not play Counter Strike Competitive any longer. The Competitive mode forces me to tunnel in on the game while at the cost of interacting with The Cult. Sad!

Now you all know why I love Surf so much.

To wrap up this post, again streaming has been sublime. I cannot wait to stream again every day it has been so much fun lately. Late Night Vibes has been a great hit as well, and shout out to all my new mods. I appreciate the sustained support and I cannot wait to see what we can all do with the stream. The Cult has really been turning up.




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