The Value of Teachers and Using Classes Well

Today’s post is about a peculiar talent that is often misunderstood. This is the ability to be a good student. Now this is often confused with being smart, being an intellectual, among other things. While there may be overlap here, I want to talk about being a student as separate from these other topics.

As many of you know by this point I have done my fair share of schooling. Over the years this has made many people think that I am an intellectual, a scholar, that I should be a teacher, a lawyer, etc. etc. These comments always drove me crazy because I never have wanted to be any of these things. People would always confuse my ability to do well in school with the idea that I must accept it as my vocation. While I do understand the connection and why many people would suggest these topics, it was something I was never really interested in.

In fact, I love entertaining and that by far is the most fun thing I have ever done. My twitch show is without a doubt the most fun thing I have ever done in my life and I am grateful for all my fans and the support they give me. It makes my life fun; something I cannot say of schooling.

Now with this all said, I am lucky to have a talent for being a good student. I do very well in classroom environments. If I have a teacher that gives me a lesson or an assignment, I complete it. This does not mean that I do it without difficulty or that I do not need any assistance, it just means that I do my homework. My whole schooling life has been defined by my ability to do homework. I am not the smartest person among my friends, but I definitely have been the best at completing tasks. Many times I received higher grades than friends smarter than me (who often intuited the answers before I could) simply because I would do my homework and they would not.

Completing homework/listening in class is a great skill to have and in my case it has really benefited me. I have seen this get me through high school, college, my masters program, and now guitar.

A few months ago I started taking guitar lessons with Phil. Now I never would practice guitar on my own and I never got anywhere with it despite owning one my entire life. One day I realized that I never would have read all the books I read in college if it wasn’t for the program I was in. Again, I am not a reader, but I do homework. Some books I have read include The Bible, War and Peace, many Shakespeare plays, Nietzsche, and Plato. I can tell you that I would have never read any of these works if it was not for my teachers and the programs I was enrolled in. I am grateful for those programs because I am much smarter off now because of them.

Guitar has been going the same way. Just last week Phil gave me the third verse of Eruption on a tab. When I looked at it, I thought “There is no way I can play this.” I laughed and looked at Phil but he just stared at me. I started playing. At first I was stumbling. I felt that I could not do it. But I had paid for a lesson, and we still had 40 minutes left in it. I played on. Soon enough I was doing it. Not well, but I was doing it. I couldn’t believe it. I was playing Eruption by fucking Van Halen.

Later that night I picked up my guitar and it was even easier. I kept playing. For hours. The next day I did the same. I can tell you that I still have a long way to go as a guitarist, but I have never felt more like a God in my life.

Getting proficient at finger-tapping is honestly one of the most satisfying things I have ever experienced. And I have to thank my teacher Phil. I wouldn’t be able to play this without him. A lot of my friends can’t believe that I can do this, and some of them probably don’t (lol). But the difference between them and I is not that I have more talent than them at guitar, it is just that I take guitar lessons and I work hard in them and use them very effectively.

For all the people in classes out there, do your fucking homework and pay attention in class. It really pays off and the rewards are solid. And if you want to do something, but are failing on your own, do not take that as a failure. Just go get a teacher. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Do not get trapped in the mentality of having to do everything on your own. Some people don’t need teachers for things, but I would argue that most people do; myself included.



Don’t think too much

a beautiful mind

Today’s post may be applicable to some and to others it may not. If you find you relate to this content then it is probably a good piece for you to read, however if you find that you do not relate then this blog probably isn’t important for you.

Today I am talking about a problem that some people, including myself, are more inclined to. This problem is thinking too much. I find at times that I will think too much about something and come up with all kinds of hypothetical situations that will get my brain running and then none of them usually ever occur in reality. This is a bad habit.

I used to do this more back when I was younger but as I have gotten older I have gotten much better at restraining myself. This is because I have seen the consequences of doing it myself, as well as the consequences of when other people have done it. It has not been good. Too many times drama has arisen when it never should have occurred in the first place.

Inside their minds people make up all these fictitious problems, demonize other people, think the worst is going to happen, and while often these imagined things do not happen, something else does because the person who imagines the worst acts off his/her imagined thoughts and then causes trouble. Do not be this person. Just live each day grounded in reality and not in your imagination. Trust me, this is better for everyone involved. There isn’t much more to say than simply “don’t do it.”

This blog post is related to my earlier post about “just talking about it.” While these posts can go hand in hand the message of this one is different. The main focus of today’s post is to realize that some times it is better not to think. If you have some thought gnawing at your brain, just try to discard it. Now, this is not always an easy task. However if you work at it, it gets easier. Every time you find yourself wandering in your mind thinking about something too much, just say no and go do something else. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.



Nickelback Rocks.

Today’s post may be the most controversial post I have ever written. Yes more controversial than religion, yes more controversial than Trump, and yes even more controversial than the impossible task of approximating the length of my massive penis. I am talking about Nickelback, and how they Rock.

That is right assholes I said it. Nickelback Rocks. You all hate them, you all say they suck, yet somehow you mother fuckers know all the lyrics to photograph, rockstar, how you remind me, and every other chart topping mega hit the that greatest band of all time has ever made.

You should all bow down to Chad Kroeger and Co. Nickelback provides the hits man. Some seriously good shit. In fact since I started listening to Nickelback many things have changed. First my sex life has improved. I now get my dick sucked five times daily, an increase from four. My Subaru STI’s maximum top speed is now 200+ MPH when I listen to “Animals” off the great album “All the Right Reasons.” Third my dick gets sucked six times daily, and increase from five.

Nickelback has changed my life, and I know that it has changed yours as well. Stop denying that you hate them. Get out of the closet and embrace Nickelback. You know you want to. I wont judge you if you do. However I will judge you if you don’t. Everyone likes Nickelback and anyone who denies that they do is suspect.

Rock on pussies.



Make Hosting Great Again

When it comes to twitch hosting, a lot of people have it wrong. Streamers and followers alike view twitch hosts as a great way for larger streamers to give smaller streamers more exposure, more follows, more views, etc. however this is not really the case. This is not because hosting is a failed system, but rather that it is culture dependent. Remember, the viewer count that is displayed in a host alert is made of real people. People zone-in to the number and they tend to forget this very important fact.

Followers watch streamers because they enjoy their content and they like their show. When it comes to hosting, people forget this. People assume that followers are like cattle and that they just watch any stream. This is not true at all. In fact, most times when a streamer hosts another streamer within minutes everyone from the supposed “raid” is totally gone. Some raid.

Now this doesn’t mean that hosting is worthless. I host another streamer after every time I finish streaming. I do this not because I think I am giving another streamer a giant opportunity to get views, follows, etc. it is because I am saying hello to them and being kind. This is exactly what other people do when they host me as well (most of the time at least).

Hosting is a great way for streamers to be kind to one another and be there for each other. Streaming can be a very tough job. Especially with viewer counts rising and falling all the time it can be an emotional roller-coaster. The nature of streaming is online as well so it’s not like streamers get to meet other streamers in real life and shoot the shit about it; unlike most jobs.

I have only ever met one other streamer in real life, excluding twitch-con. And when we met, we talked about streaming for hours because we were both so excited to meet someone that can relate and discuss what we do every day. I host for this reason. It is a good act of kindness from streamer to streamer that is very important. I absolutely love it when other streamers host me. It’s a great feeling to know other streamers are out there supporting me and thinking about helping me, even if at times the host really doesn’t do anything. The thought really counts.

Now twitch hosts do not have to be like this. As they are made of people, those people can choose to stay in the hosted twitch stream. This then actually does give the hosted streamer a chance to possibly get new followers, viewers, a chance; e.g. what hosting was actually meant to do.

I want hosting to be great again. Over time twitch hosting, at least with small streamers, has become practically useless. People just host streamers instead of preparing their chat for them. If I tell a friend about a band I like I will really try to sell the band to them and explain why I like them and why I think they would like them too. I do this as well to the people I host. The streamers I regularly host are streamers that I actually like, who I believe are good entertainers and that my chat would enjoy them. I will do my best to sell them to my chat so that my followers give them a real chance. Remember, a chat watches a stream for the streamer, and when the streamer dumps them on someone else, the chat often is thinking “who the hell is this?” If you want hosts to actually be worth something, sell the streamer you are hosting to them.

I have been so excited to hear that followers from my stream have been actively viewing some of the other streamers I host. That’s fucking awesome guys. Keep it up. That stuff makes hosting great again. If enough streamers do it that way, hosting would actually be really useful to underground streamers who could use some more exposure.

It all starts with changing the culture of twitch raids. Instead of leaving after one minute and just watching one streamer look good and gracious by dropping a big host bomb, actually spend some time and watch the hosted streamer. Talk to them in their chat and get to know them. You might end up really liking their show, and who knows you just might make hosting great again.