IRL Streams

A couple weeks ago I bought a new laptop. It’s small, really portable and has a solid battery life. The purpose? So I could take my twitch stream with me wherever I go. Whether I’m in Portland, Los Angeles, or D.C. I can stream. I got you Cult.

The only caveat is that the laptop does not have the power that a solid dedicated tower has. Because of this I cannot play the graphically intensive video games and thus I have to alter my the content of my twitch stream. My solution? IRL (in real life) chill streams. I just go live, coffee or beer in hand, maybe with some friends, maybe in the car, maybe at a skatepark, whatever it is, FUCK IT WE’RE DOING IT LIVE.

Thanks for the quote Bill.

Now I have wanted to break my show away from only playing video games for a long time so I have been excited to try doing this, but at the same time I was very nervous. I wondered if anyone would watch, and if they did would they even care?

Well today it was lit. We went live twice, hovered between 10-15 viewers the whole time, had a host bomb dropped on us (ty, got 3 new followers, and had an absolute blast as well. I basically ranted about politics, TV shows, and many things I have already forgotten about, but it was very fun and we will certainly do this more regularly.

I know I haven’t posted in a week, which is why I wanted to get something up tonight, but I am really tired from all the streaming already today so I am going to hit the hay. I plan to have a bigger better post coming up soon in the next few days, so thanks for bearing with me guys.